Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ejection 080: Manny Gonzalez (1)

1B Umpire Manny Gonzalez ejected Mets first baseman Ike Davis for arguing a safe call in the bottom of the 8th inning of the Mets-Cubs game. With one out and two on, Cubs batter Reed Johnson swung on and missed a 2-1 fastball from Mets pitcher Miguel Batista for strike two as catcher Josh Thole attempted to pick off Cubs baserunner Steve Clevenger at first base. Replays indicate Davis' swipe tag attempt contacted Clevenger's right arm while the runner was not in contact with the first base bag, the call was incorrect.* At the time of the ejection, the Cubs were leading, 4-3. The Cubs ultimately won the contest, 5-3.

This is Manny Gonzalez (79)'s first ejection of 2012.
Manny Gonzalez now has -2 points in the UEFL (0 Previous + 3 AAA + -1 Penalty + -4 Incorrect Call = -2).
Crew Chief Gerry Davis now has 2 points in the UEFL's Crew Division (2 Previous + 0 Incorrect Call = 2).
*After review, Quality of Correctness has been affirmed in a 5-0 decision by the UEFL Appeals Board.
*Historical UEFL Appeals Board decisions may be consulted via the UEFL Portal.*

UEFL Standings Update

This is the 80th ejection of 2012.
This is the 31st player ejection of 2012.
This is the Mets' fourth ejection of 2012, first in the NL East (ATL, PHI 3; MIA 1; WSH 0).
This is Ike Davis' first career ejection.
This is Manny Gonzalez's first career ejection.

Wrap: Mets at Cubs, 6/26/12
Video: Ike Davis Argues Safe Call, Touches Gonzalez with Glove During Argument, No Apparent Bump


Anonymous said...

I love Ike, but I would imagine he is facing a suspension on this one since his glove did make contact with Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

The write-up says "Touches Gonzalez with Glove During Argument, No Apparent Bump," so allow me to ask, what qualifies as a bump? Is that any contact or just contact with the upper body? Is there an expectation of displacement that is associated with a bump? Is it a sumo wrestler move?

Jeremy Dircks said...


Don't get hung up on a video caption link. We aren't arguing the merits of a bump versus a glove touch. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Umps make mistakes, this will happen again fact!!!!

Again maybe change the crews.

ex. Jeff Kellogg, Bruce Dreckman Tony Randazzo , Scott Barry

Anonymous said...

The Mets' announcers call this a "quick hook." Excuse me for saying so, but if this is a quick hook, then I have one, too. If a player stuck his glove into my middle and proceeded to scream at me in that fashion, I'd toss him, too. MG missed the call, it appears, but the ejection is clearly warranted, IMO.

tmac said...

i know it's an advanced mechanic to be that close... but when there is that much movement by both the fielder and the runner it is very dificult to stay with this call.... perfect to see the inital swipe miss but the eyes just are not good enough to get the whole thing. Tough call but if he's not as close he nails the call on the 2nd swipe!!

AERAdmin said...

"Quick hook"? Seriously? I don't care if Davis touched Gonzalez or not; if a player gets up in an umpire's face that animated and that fast he's gonna be tossed almost immediately almost every time and he shouldn't be surprised.

Mundane said...

Elias has confirmed that a new record for Venezuelan ejections todays. Guillen tossee and Manny tosser.

Anonymous said...

I think bump has to be a pretty heavy incident, you go into someone chest-to-chest, that's a bump. It's a torso-as-weapon and battering ram term.

If you want a bump, THIS IS A BUMP.

Anonymous said...

I do not care what anyone on here says... SEEING THAT FIRST MISS SWIPE, and AS CLOSE AS THE SECOND TAG WAS....


Anonymous said...

Challenge. Inconclusive at best from the last angle.

Lindsay said...

This ruling has been challenged and is under review the by UEFL Appeals Board.

Anonymous said...

You da man Gil. I love UEFL Love ejecitons. Lets go umpires!!!!

How bout Gary Cederstrom,Eric Cooper Mark Wegner, Dan Bellino

good crew. Change it up mlb please, change is good. As for Manny Gonzalez, tough call in real time action, easy to judge an ump in slow mo.

Anonymous said...

"a very young, inexperienced umpire"

I despise announcers. They're more rat-like than the rats.

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone is aware, Gary Cohen and Ron Darling both apologized the next inning after they watched the full replay of the ejection and noticed the glove contact. From their view in the press box, they probably can't see that.

To further demonstrate how Gonzalez does not have a quick hook, he let Terry Collins stay in the game. It isn't shown in this video, but Collins argued with a lot of animation, and for a couple of minutes.

tmac said...

I hated the fact Gonzalez let Collins stay in the game.... Motioning arms and then doing it again after he was told to stop.... and he really let this go on a very long time.... the Davis EJ is auto once contact and that much of a demostration occurs.

MetsFan said...

@Anonymous -- Gary's right though. Manny is young, and inexperienced.

Anonymous said...

Can I reverse my appeal? I looked at the play several more times, and after several different views, I agree with the QOC. He's out.

Anonymous said...

I must be way off base because no one has brought it up, but is this not obstruction. F3 totally blocks the base forcing R1to alter his slide back into the base which is totally blocked. Great play if at home plate, but at first base?
Comments please.

Anonymous said...

It's not obstruction because the fielder already has the ball in his possession as the runner approaches the base.

Pete Krawczyk said...

Anonymous @11:47: I would still like the appeal. I agree the call was incorrect, but I think the ejection should probably be for Excessive Contact, which carries a status of Irrecusable.

Anonymous said...

When an umpire gets to the big leagues, he's NOT young & inexperanced. He's been umpiring a long time. You just don't step into a job like this off the streets.
Now ex ball players , on the other hand , go right from the field to the broadcast booth with NO experance and have the same mentality as they had on the field .
Here's the only difference: on the field, they were Young and stupid. Now, in the booth; they're Old and stupid, with the same player-rat mentallity.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Vin Scully works alone. I wouldn't want that player-rat opinionated mentality in my booth either. If you want to vocalize an your opinion, then buy a ticket and sit in the stands and stay out of the broadcast booth ----- and takes jerks (and I cleaned that up) like Ken Harrelson with you.

Russ said...

First of all, the "young and inexperienced" comment came from Play by Play Guy Gary Cohen. not Ron Darling or Keith Hernandez. Cohen used the same term to describe Alan Porter when he made a close. but correct call earier this season. I really don't think Cohen is trying to disrespect the Umpires, I more think he doesn't realize how disrrespectful he sounds. It is true that he is young but it is not true that he is inexperienced or else he would not be on an MLB field. Calling Cohen a rat seems over the top to me. If you ever listen to Mets games he is very fair on Umpires and to compare him to Hawk is just uneducated. Cohen also apologized for his "quick hook" comment a little bit later in the Game.

Anonymous said...

I love all these comments.

Great call; right or wrong, it's a split second and under the mentality "tie goes to the runner" if a runner can to that much to avoid a tag and then be within a split-second of a safe/out call afterwards, gotta give him the benefit of the doubt.

Also think it's a great hook. I'd hate to see the player suspended because it was his momentum that caused contact, not a deliberate act; but MLB can't possibly deal with arguing momentum during each player tirade.

Ump was in position; called what he saw--that's all you can ask. He's seen this a thousand times before he makes MLB. How many times would Joe West get over to that side of first on a quick throw from the catcher. The more I look, the more I'm really impressed with the mechanics here!

Announcers are employed cheerleaders and they are not unbiased reporters.

I also think the ump scores points with other managers by not giving Collins the hook. What would be the point? It was a close, bang-bang play. Collins needed to make sure his new 1B stretched and it appeared he defended his player.

This rookie umps looks pretty good to me!

Anonymous said...

Manny may be young and MLB inexperienced, but the man has been a crew chief in Venezuelan winter ball for many years. I worked with Manny in AA. He is very good, and very good dealing with situations. Along with putting his hands on Manny, Davis probably said something to get himself run. And from what I heard from the 'fired' guys working back to the big leagues, Terry Collins is very fair. Probably just keeping his player out of more trouble. No big deal.

tmac said...

so to all the people who allow Terry Collins to stay in the game you warn him about the hands and being demonstrative and he does it again and you keep him in the game? That sets a really bad precedent. Nobody has answered this question yet!!

Dan said...

I like Manny Gonzalez from the few times I've seen him, and I'll be interested to see him behind the plate in this afternoon's game. He may have gotten the call wrong, but he handed himself well, and the ejection was justified.

As far as the "young and inexperienced" remark. Gonzalez is young and inexperienced as an MLB umpire, especially in relation to the other members of his crew. So what's the problem? What's the politically correct term for Gonzalez, grizzled veteran?

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny how a young player has to "earn his stripes" which can include the umpire calling pitches strikes that they wouldn't do otherwise. But a young umpire is a protected species. Shouldn't he have to take some crap?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 2:12PM

No. The umpires are in charge of the game. Their job description doesn't include "taking some crap."

SJR said...

I agree with you. Thanks for making me laugh in regards to the announcers - I needed that.

tmac said...

here is Gonzalez's plot.. nothing special nothing horrible!


Lindsay said...

After review, the Original Ruling has been affirmed in a 6-0 decision by the UEFL Appeals Board. Six Appeals Board members elected to Confirm the Original Ruling.

Per Curiam Opinion:
The Original Ruling in 080: Manny Gonzalez (1) specified an incorrect call on a tag attempt. The Board finds ample and conclusive video evidence that supports this Original Ruling.

Concurring Opinion, Jeremy:
When determining QOC, [we] look at multiple views from all available broadcasts. While one or more angles show the call to be inconclusive, there can be other views that conclusively show a correct or incorrect call.

Therefore, the Board affirms the Original Ruling.

Confirmed: Jeremy, tmac, Albertaumpire, BillMueller, RichMSN, yawetag
Upheld: None
Overturned: None
Deferred: None
Abstained: Gil (Posted Original Ruling)

The Original Ruling has been affirmed, 6-0.

UmpsRule said...

@ tmac

Frankly, I think Collins should have been tossed quicker than Davis was. However, Gonzalez appears to be a bit slow to toss.

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