Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Roster: World Baseball Classic Qualifying Umpires

With the MiLB season in the books, umpires and baseball turns to WBC, the World Baseball Classic.
WBC Umpire Sean Barber (USA, IL).

With baseball out of the Summer Olympic Games, the WBC is the premiere international baseball competition.

2013 World Baseball Classic qualifying games began Wednesday, September 19, with Team Israel's 7-3 victory over South Africa at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida. The following is a list of umpires, many taken from the minor league ranks, who have made an appearance during the WBC qualifying stage, along with their country of representation. This list will be updated throughout the qualification stage of the tournament:

9/19/12: Israel vs. South Africa (Florida, USA; 7-3 ISR); HP: Chris Segal (USA, IL). 1B: Sean Barber (USA, IL). 2B: Trevor Grieve (Canada, SAr). 3B: Jens Waider (Germany).
9/20/12: Canada vs. Great Britain (Regensburg, Germany; 11-1 CAN); HP: Stephen Barga (USA, PCL). 1B: Will Little (USA, IL). 2B: Liang-Kuei Hsieh (Chinese Taipei). 3B: Marco Screti (Italy).
9/20/12: Spain vs. France (Jupiter, Florida, USA; 8-0 ESP); HP: Quinn Wolcott (USA, PCL). 1B: Jairo Mendoza (Nicaragua). 2B: Sean Barber (USA). 3B: Trevor Grieve (CAN).
9/21/12: Germany vs. Czech Republic (Regensburg, Germany; 11-1 GER); HP: Ben May (USA, IL). 1B: Michael Ulloa (Spain). 2B: Marco Screti (ITA). 3B: Will Little: (USA).
9/21/12: Israel vs. Spain (Jupiter, Florida, USA; 4-2 ISR); HP: Sean Barber (USA). 1B: Chris Segal (USA). 2B: Jens Waider (GER). 3B: Jairo Mendoza (NIC).
9/21/12: South Africa vs. France (Jupiter, Florida, USA; 5-2 RSA); HP: Trevor Grieve (CAN). 1B: Jairo Mendoza (NIC). 2B: Quinn Wolcott (USA). 3B: Chris Segal (USA).
9/22/12: Great Britain vs. Czech Republic (Regensburg, Germany; 12-5 GBR); HP: Marco Screti (ITA). 1B: Stephen Barga (USA). 2B: Liang-Kuei Hsieh (TPE). 3B: Ben May (USA).
9/22/12: Canada vs. Germany (Regensburg, Germany; 16-7 CAN); HP: Will Little (USA). 1B: Ben May (USA). 2B: Michael Ulloa (ESP). 3B: Liang-Kuei Hsieh (TPE).
9/22/12: Spain vs. South Africa (Jupiter, Florida, USA; 13-3 ESP); HP: Quinn Wolcott (USA). 1B: Sean Barber (USA). 2B: Jairo Mendoza (NIC). 3B: Jens Waider (GER).
9/23/12: Germany vs. Great Britain (Regensburg, Germany; 16-1 GER); HP: Stephen Barga (USA). 1B: Ben May (USA). 2B: Michael Ulloa (ESP). 3B: Liang-Kuei Hsieh (TPE).
9/23/12: Spain vs. Israel (Jupiter, Florida, USA).

*Remaining Games TBD*

*Minor League Baseball Abbreviations Legend: The addition of "r" indicates the umpire is retired from MiLB*

AL: Appalachian League (Rookie [Advanced/High])
AZ: Arizona League (Rookie)
CL: Carolina League (A Advanced)
EL: Eastern League (AA)
FSL: Florida State League (A Advanced)
GCL: Gulf Coast League (Rookie)
IL: International League (AAA)
MW: Midwest League (A)
NW: Northwest League (Short A)
NY: New York-Penn League (Short A)
PCL: Pacific Coast League (AAA)
PL: Pioneer League (Rookie [Advanced/High]
SA: South Atlantic League (A)
SL: Southern League (AA)
TL: Texas League (AA)


Anonymous said...

All I know is: Steve Barga, Ben May, and Will Little, were the MiLB Umpires sent to Germany. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

And Sean barber, Chris Segal and Quinn wilcott in jupiter

SJR said...

Good for you, Chris!

Will said...

Trevor Grieve is a great umpire and a great guy - wish him the best!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. One helluva good guy.

Anonymous said...

Chris Segal is a great guy and one hell of an umpire


Anonymous said...

Germany's coach Gregory Frady was ejected by Will Little in the Canada Germany game over a balk call

Anonymous said...

Timmons tossed hurdle- extremely similar to the reynolds/showalter ejection earlier this year- reversal call- kellogg hp umpire and timmons at first talk about it and hurldle is tossed venting much of the frustration of this roller coaster season for the bucks.

Anonymous said...

any comments on this play:
i'm not sure what the call is...

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to the milb ejection of the week?

Anonymous said...

ventura tossed arguing a balk by hickox- hint hint... angel hp umpire

Anonymous said...

Harrelson's defiant homerism- "he's two for two, blown both of them" referring to call of where Howie Kendrick went out of the baseline, but was not called but Beckham tagged him out anyway. Looked like it may have been Conroy's call though.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a post yet on O'Nora's bonehead call today?

UmpsRule said...

@ Anon 7:06

I think the Milb season is probably over by now.

Russ said...

You are right umpsrule, the MILB season is over. There were no ejections during the Triple A Playoffs for either league.

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