Saturday, June 1, 2013

MLB Ejection 054: Brian Knight (3; Don Mattingly)

1B Umpire Brian Knight ejected Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly for arguing a safe call by HP Umpire Gerry Davis in the bottom of the 6th inning of the Dodgers-Rockies game. With none out and one on, Rockies batter
Mattingly argues after Knight dismisses the skip.
Yorvit Torrealba hit a 1-1 curveball from Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke back to the mound, where it was trapped by Greinke, who threw onto first baseman Adrian Gonzalez to retire Torrealba, baserunner R1 Nolan Arenado to second. Replays indicate the ball contacted the dirt ground prior to being caught/fielded by Greinke, the call was correct. At the time of the ejection, the Dodgers were leading, 5-4. The Rockies ultimately won the contest, 7-6, in 10 innings.

This is Brian Knight (91)'s third ejection of 2013.
Brian Knight now has 11 points in the UEFL (8 Previous + 2 MLB + 1 Correct Call [Crewmate] = 11).
Crew Chief Gerry Davis now has 3 points in the UEFL's Crew Division (2 Previous + 1 Correct = 3).

This is the 54th ejection of 2013.
This is the 26th Manager ejection of 2013.
This is the Dodgers' 5th ejection of 2013, 1st in the NL West (LAD 5; ARI 3; SF 2; SD 1; COL 0).
This is Don Mattingly's first ejection since March 25 (AJ Johnson; QOC = Y).
This is Brian Knight's first ejection since May 30 (Chip Hale; QOC = Y).

Wrap: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Colorado Rockies, 6/1/13
Video: Mattingly bounces from umpire to umpire until Knight finally tosses Don for crossing the line (LAD)


Lindsay said...

This whole play is very confusing.... I'm guessing Knight addressed Hairston and that fired up Donny baseball.... Davis strolling around with his hands in his pockets while his 1st base umpire is getting shredded makes me want to puke. I guess there aren't many Joe West umpire's umpires around.. But really liked the way this was handles by Knight who is developing into an umpires umpire. Protect your own. Would like to see if there is any truth to the out call the announcers are claiming occurred at 3rd by Carlson. All in all a lot happened on this play and the replays don't do it justice

Lindsay said...

Gerry is usually one of the better Umpires at breaking up arguments but he did seem a bit slow during this one. I'm really wondering what Mattingly said to knight because that seemed like an odd ejection to say the least, but we all know Don can be a major jackass.

This is just a guess on my part but we all know Davis does not like ejecting people and urges his crew members to do the same. Whether it was warranted or not, these are not the types of ejections Gerry Davis advises. So I am guessing he was a little slow to get to Knight because he either knew it was a quick and maybe even poor ejection or he thought since Knight ejected him so quickly on a play not involving him he should have to be the one to stand up for himself. Whether it was a good ejection or not Knight handled it well.

If you have followed me on this website you know that I have been very critical of Knight in the past because of his on field demeanor and seemingly bad attitude. I don't think either of those apply here. This argument seemed to be pretty well handled. He let Mattingly have his say but was not afraid of him either. He said what he had to say and showed a lot of confidence in doing say, no longer having the deer in the headlights look.I don't know enough of the dialogue to say if this was a good ejection or not but I do think Knight was too quick on this ejection. Mattingly wasn't even talking to him and it wasn't his call, it was Davis's. But like I said before, it is very possible Mattingly said something stupid and deserved to go you. You just never know when Don Mattingly or Brian Knight are involved.

Lindsay said...

I'm pretty sure Mattingly was mocking Knight. He makes some gesture with his hands that looks like he is mocking him.

Lindsay said...

I would like to see some video showing what happened at 3rd. I'm assuming the argument is over a safe call at the plate and an out call at 3rd?!

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