Thursday, July 11, 2013

Roster: 2013 MLB All-Star Game Umpires

MLB has announced the umpires for the 2013 All-Star Game to be held on July 16 at Citi Field in New York:

HP: John Hirschbeck -cc: Working his third All-Star Game (1989, 2004), Hirschbeck will serve as crew chief for just the first time. Hirschbeck has worked eight Division Series, four League Championship Series and three World Series. This is his first special event since returning to baseball this spring after recovering from testicular cancer. 

1B: Wally Bell: Third All-Star Game (1997, 2007). Bell has worked six Division Series (1998, 99, 2003-04, 06, 12), foul League Championship Series (2000, 01, 05, 10) and the 2006 World Series. Also worked the 2013 World Baseball Classic Championship Round in San Francisco. 

2B: Larry Vanover: Second All-Star Game (1999). Vanover has worked the 2006 AL Division Series and 2007 NL Championship Series. 

3B: Paul Emmel: Second All-Star Game (2002). Emmel has worked seven Division Series (2002-03, 06, 08-10, 12) and the 2007 AL Championship Series. Also worked the 2009 World Baseball Classic Championship Round in Los Angeles. 

LF: Rob Drake: First All-Star Game. Worked the 2010 NL Division Series, 2012 NL Wild Card Game and 2012 AL Championship Series. 

RF: Chad Fairchild: First All-Star Game. Worked two Division Series (2011, 12).


Lindsay said...

Solid crew all the way around.

Lindsay said...

McClelland, Hal Gibson, Hudson, and Foster are in Los Angeles tonight, but they just were in Arizona for the LA-ARI series. So they are having the Dodgers two series in a row or will they switch tomorrow.

Lindsay said...

Mike Matheny should be suspended for 5 games for his yelling at Bellino after the final out of the Cubs game. He waited until the final out then charged at Bellino and started yelling at him, and had to be restrain by Bell and DiMuro. Matheny is a loser in my book after his reaction to the Fagan-Molina situation and tonight.

Lindsay said...

Not in the box score, but Bellino dumped Matheny after the game tonight. Saw Bellino eject him, and Matheny just continues his unprofessional stance towards umpires.

Lindsay said...

Saw this. MM was not upset about the catch/no catch call. He was upset with how DB handled a strikeout.

Lindsay said...

The call was correct -- the pitch was a strike. After Adams questioned him, he took off his mask and appeared to give him the ol' Joe West half-assed shooing maneuver. Nothing wrong here, in my book. Matheny's a clown.

Lindsay said...

I think they'll switch tomorrow. I assume it was a flight or travel problem getting a crew down to LA and since they were already in the area, might as well right... LA and Arizona was a three game series, so Dodgers didn't have Marty Foster behind the plate until tonight, so there shouldn't be any cross-over.

I'd be shocked if McClelland's crew was still in LA tomorrow.

Lindsay said...

I know what you're all thinking about Rob Drake working left field. At least the ASG isn't in Atlanta.

Lindsay said...

Huh? You mean Sam Holbrook I'm assuming for the ifr call?

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