Friday, September 13, 2013

WNBA Ejection: T Mauer, C Inouye, T Nunez (C Parker)

Referees Tom Mauer (crew chief), Cameron Inouye (R) and Thomas "Tommy" Nunez (R2/umpire) ejected Sparks forward-center Candice Parker for a second technical foul in the 3rd quarter of the Lynx-Sparks game. With 6:58 remaining in the 3rd period, Parker rebounded a missed field goal and attempted to score a put back shot, splitting two defenders to do so. As Parker's lay-up attempt missed and no shooting foul was called, Parker displayed an overt action indicating resentment to the no-call—an air punch—resulting in Parker's first technical foul. Parker continued to violate the WNBA Respect for the Game guidelines by slapping her forearm to simulate a foul and was administered her second technical foul, resulting in disqualification. At the time of the ejection, the Sparks were leading, 43-33. The Sparks ultimately won the contest, 85-84.

Wrap: Minnesota Lynx vs. Los Angeles Sparks, 9/12/13
Video: Parker tries to score in the paint, bemoans the lack of a foul call multiple times and is thrown out (LAS)


Lindsay said...

I don't know much about basketball on both men and women said but these announcers are just as bad as.... mlb announcers you didn't know what she could of said.

Lindsay said...

For the second, it doesn't really matter what she said. Mimicking a foul call like that is equivalent to outlining the strike zone with your bat. She must have said something for the first though, as the time difference between her motion and the call seems too great for the T to be for the motion.

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