Sunday, November 10, 2013

NBA Ejections: D Crawford, Gary Zielinski, Steven Anderson

Referees Dan Crawford (crew chief), Gary Zielinski (R) and Steven Anderson (R2/umpire) ejected Wizards forward Nene and Thunder guard Russell Westbrook for second technical fouls in the 4th quarter of the
Wizards-Thunder game. With 7:50 remaining in the 3rd period, Westbrook and Nene were issued double technical fouls after Wesbrook's one-foot driving layup was blocked by Nene and the players engaged in a confrontation following the play. With 3:19 remaining in the 4th period, Westbrook and Nene again tangled following Westbrook's offensive foul (third personal) and earned a second pair of technical fouls, resulting in both players' ejection from the game. At the time of the ejection, the Wizards were leading, 92-82. The Thunder ultimately won the contest, 106-105, in one overtime period.

Wrap: Washington Wizards vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, 11/10/13
Video: After offensive foul, Nene shoves Westbrook who responds by throwing punch; both are DQ'd


Lindsay said...

You only have to have 52 calls per game if the home team wins before the bottom of the ninth.

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