Monday, April 14, 2014

MLB Instant Replay Review 086: Brian Knight (03)

Instant Replay Review overturned 1B Umpire Brian Knight's foul ball call in the bottom of the 4th inning of the Pirates-Reds game. With one out and none on, Reds batter Todd Frazier hit a 0-0 fastball from Pirates pitcher Wandy Rodriguez in the air down the right field line, where it struck right fielder Travis Snider in the face. Upon Instant Replay Review as the result of a challenge by Reds Manager Bryan Price, Knight's ruling that Snider initially contacted the ball while it was positioned in foul territory was reversed and BR Frazier was placed at second base, the call was incorrect. At the time of the review, the Pirates were leading, 3-2. The game was suspended with the Pirates ultimately winning, 8-7.

This is Brian Knight (91)'s third Instant Replay Review of 2014.
Brian Knight is now 2/3 (.667 Affirmation Rate) in Replay Reviews in 2014.
Crew Chief Gerry Davis' crew is now 5/7 (.714 Affirmation Rate) in Replay Reviews in 2014.

This is the 86th Instant Replay Review of the 2014 MLB Regular Season.
Reds Manager Bryan Price is now 1/3 (.333 Success) in Instant Replay Reviews during 2014.
Umpires are now 57/86 (.663 Affirmation Rate) in Instant Replay Reviews during the 2014 MLB season.

Wrap: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Cincinnati Reds (Suspended Game to 4/15), 4/14/14
Video: Play overturned; Knight's ruling of "foul ball" is overturned and the runner is placed (CIN)


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