Friday, September 26, 2014

Polls: 2014 MLB Postseason Umpire Speculation Thread

With the 2014 MLB postseason on the horizon, umpire assignments take center stage in the UEFL. As the Wild Card assignment is crafted during this final week of the regular season, we consider assignments for the entire 2014 MLB postseason.

2012 World Series Umpire Brian O'Nora in his First Fall Classic
(Photo: "The Third Team," MLB Network)
Speculation Thread - Predict The Postseason
Wild Card (WC) - 2 Games - 12 Umpires
Division Series (DS) - 4 Series - 24 Umpires
Championship Series (CS) - 2 Series - 12 Umps
World Series (WS) - 1 Series - 6 Umpires

"Choose Your World Series Umpiring Crew" Poll
After a one-year absence, our World Series poll has returned. In the below poll (after the "read more" jump), all umpires eligible for a World Series assignment (e.g., the umpire has previously worked a League Championship Series) are listed. -cc indicates a regular season Crew Chief while an asterisk (*) indicates the umpire has not yet worked a World Series prior to 2014 and would accordingly be a Series rookie. New This Year: In the poll below, the year in parentheses represents the last year this umpire has worked a World Series. For instance, "Barrett, Ted ('11)" signifies that Ted Barrett last worked a World Series in 2011.

The 2013 World Series featured two World Series rookies (Mark Wegner and Paul Emmel), as did the 2012 World Series (Dan Iassogna and Brian O'Nora) and 2011 World Series (Greg Gibson, Ron Kulpa). On a similar note, the 2013 World Series featured three regular season crew chiefs and one who became a crew chief the following year (John Hirschbeck [WS -cc], Dana DeMuth, Jim Joyce; Bill Miller was appointed to Crew Chief for the 2014 season), as did 2012 (Gerry Davis [WS -cc], Brian O'Nora, Joe West; Fieldin Culbreth was made a Crew Chief in 2013).

Per the World Umpires Association's 2009 CBA with MLB, umpires are now eligible to work two, but not three, consecutive World Series. Since this policy came into play, however, no umpire has worked two consecutive World Series. The 2013 World Series crew was John Hirschbeck -cc, Mark Wegner, Dana DeMuth, Paul Emmel, Bill Miller and Jim Joyce.

Choose Your World Series Umpiring Crew


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