Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Roster: 2014 MLB Japan All-Star Series

Umpire Chris Conroy & Crew Chief Mike Winters are in Japan for MLB's All-Star Series, joining local officials Fumihiro Yoshimoto and Hideto Fuke for the Exhibition Game at Koshien Stadium in Osaka. Veteran Fumihiro Yoshimoto worked his 1,000th career game in Nippon Professional Baseball in July 2014. In the postseason, Winters served as crew chief for the 2014 NLDS with Chris Conroy assigned to NY's Replay Operations Center while both Yoshimoto and Fuke officiated the NPB's equivalent for the Pacific League. Game 1 vs. Samurai Japan saw the addition of Jerry Layne while Game 3's combined no-hitter featured Mike Winters behind the dish.

Look closely and you might see the portable camera mounted on the hockey-style mask of plate umpire Fumihiro Yoshimoto. MLB Network will show replays from the camera throughout the broadcast.

Umpiring Assignments, MLB All-Stars vs Hanshin-Yomiuri*, Exhibition Game:
HP: Fumihiro Yoshimoto (JPN)
1B: Chris Conroy (USA)
2B: Hideto Fuke (JPN)
3B: Mike Winters (USA)

Umpires, MLB All-Stars vs. Samurai Japan (Japanese National Team), Game 1:
HP: Chris Conroy (USA)
1B: Takanori Yamamoto (JPN)
2B: Jerry Layne (USA)
3B: Katsumi Manabe (JPN)

Umpires, Samurai Japan (Japanese National Team) vs. MLB All-Stars, Game 2:
HP: Shoji Arisumi (JPN)
1B: Jerry Layne (USA)
2B: Chikara Tsugawa (JPN)
3B: Chris Conroy (USA)

Game 3:
HP: Mike Winters
1B: Kyohei Makita
2B: Jerry Layne
3B: Masanobu Sasaki

Game 4:
HP: Masao Yanada
1B: Mike Winters
2B: Kinji Nishimoto
3B: Chris Conroy

Game 5:
HP: Jerry Layne
1B: Kunio Kiuchi
2B: Mike Winters
3B: Norihiro Akimura


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