Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Draft Open, UEFL Releases Draft Prospectus

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League announces the 2015 draft & prospectus preseason guide.

The 2015 prospectus appears in the 2015 debut edition of The Left Field Corner publication for March.

This special edition of the Corner discusses several changes baseball is making to its replay system in 2015, reviews several other rules changes for the UEFL and introduces two candidates for the vacancy on the 2015 UEFL Appeals Board.

This issue also contains a recap of the 2014 season and a detailed look at several umpire ejection trends dating back to the fabled UEFL migration from Livejournal.

The prospectus looks at the impact of instant replay on UEFL standings and how ejections, replays, and bonus points all combine to elevate certain umpires to the top spot in the league standings, with several umpires appearing in the top 10 year after year.

Click here to read the March 2015 edition of The Left Field Corner on the UEFL Portal. You can also download past issues of the Corner via its page on the Portal.

UEFL Owners: Click here to access and submit your picks for the 2015 UEFL Draft.
Pursuant to schedule, the UEFL Draft Deadlines are as follows:
≫ Primary Umpires - March 27
≫ Secondary Umpires - March 28
≫ Crew Chiefs - April 3 (if the crew list is not available by April 3, this deadline will be extended)


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