Friday, March 20, 2015

Off Bereavement, Sam Holbrook Returns to the Field

Veteran MLB umpire Sam Holbrook returned from the bereavement list to officiate his first Spring Training game since 2013 following the February 10, 2014 death of his wife, Laura "Susie" Glass. Susie, who was diagnosed with cancer during the 2010 preseason, was 47 years old. Holbrook returned to the field during Friday's Phillies-Pirates Grapefruit League game as a field umpire (starting at third base).

Holbrook has been assigned to chief John Hirschbeck's crew for the 2015 regular season (link: 2015 crew list). Like Holbrook, Hirschbeck is returning from the bereavement list this season, having suffered the loss of his son Michael in April 2014.


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