Sunday, April 5, 2015

Opening Night Finishes with no Replays, Prop Bets

UEFL Prop Bets are now available for the 2015 season. Earn extra points for correctly forecasting events that may occur during the upcoming year. Click here to access the 2015 Prop Board and submit your wagers. You are free to wait before submitting, but be advised that if a particular bet is fulfilled before, and up to an hour after, you submit your form (e.g., MLB experiences its first bench-clearing brawl ejection before you have submitted your form or a bench clearer ejection occurs up to an hour after you have submitted your form), you will be ineligible to participate and receive points for that particular prop bet. The hour-after period is to account for developments occurring within ballgames that might influence prop betting. Certain other bets have specific due dates (e.g., Ejections in April and Reason for Final Ejection of April both must be submitted by April 15). Good luck!

Replay Review reporting for 2015 has changed formats. In lieu of daily posts, Replay Reviews will now be reported on a weekly basis following the conclusion of the final Sunday game (an MLB week runs from Monday through Sunday). For instance, Week #1 begins Monday, April 6 and runs through Sunday, April 12. Opening Night, played on a Sunday, is classified as having occurred during the season's Week #0 and is reported below.

Games played the week of March 30-April 5 featured the following MLB Replay Review decisions:


MLB Instant Replay Review Videos (MLB Advanced Media):
Video 0: No Replays During Week 0 (Spring Training & Regular Season Games ending April 5)


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