Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dutch Rennert Interview, Tom Hallion Tribute in Miami

Tom Hallion paid tribute to longtime NL umpire Dutch Rennert via a strike one call early in the Braves-Marlins game Saturday night. Rennert was at the ballpark and gave an interview to FOX Sports Miami during the 5th inning, commenting on colorful umpiring and the modern trend towards the robotic, handling irate managers, and his views on instant replay.

On umpires having an on-field personality:
"The umpires—they take away all the colorful umpires. They want them to work one way, uniform, same way."

On replay review:
"I hate replay. Call 'em as you seem. It's called a rhubarb. If they're going to argue that's alright, and then let's play ball."

Video: Hallion does the Rennert called strike mechanic, Dutch gives interview to Marlins TV (MIA)


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