Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Injuries and Rehab Roundup - MLB Umps in the Minors

Extended injuries to MLB umpires and similarly significant periods of absence also necessitate a gradual return to baseball's highest level. In other words, umpires returning from significant time off don't simply jump onto the big league stage whereas umpires who are out for a shorter amount of time are generally able to return directly to MLB, depending on the nature of their absence (e.g., muscle tear vs. foul ball injury, etc.).

We're down on the farm, scouting the Triple-A box scores and scanning for those familiar MLB names, featuring umpires who haven't worked The Show for some amount of time.
After his AAA rehab, Hoye returned to MLB.

Active Injury: Dale Scott (MLB #5)
Last MLB Game: July 16, 2016 (Arizona [Phoenix]) — 9 days.
Last Seen: [July 16] - Concussion.

Active Injury: Bruce Dreckman (MLB #1)
Last MLB Game: October 4, 2015 (Tampa Bay) — 296 days.
Last Seen: Unknown.

Previous Injuries (Umpires Already Back to MLB Service)
James Hoye officiated a weekend series in Triple-A Sacramento July 22-24 and returned to MLB in Los Angeles on July 26. Hoye's last big league game had been June 7, also in LA (49 day absence).

Brian O'Nora called a rehab assignment in Triple-A Charlotte (July 6 & 10 plates) before surfacing in Seattle shortly thereafter. O'Nora's last game in the bigs had been April 16, Minnesota (4/16 to 7/15 = 90 days).

Jerry Layne sat out the June 28-July 14 period (16 days) following a foul ball injury. No AAA.

Paul Emmel was sidelined June 24-July 7 (12 days) after being hit on the head by a flying bat. No AAA.

Edited to reflect Hoye's return to Jim Joyce's crew for Rays-Dodgers, 7/26/16.


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