Friday, March 10, 2017

Injury Scout - Dreckman Returns to Spring Ball

After missing the entire 2016 regular season, umpire Bruce Dreckman returned to Spring Training in Arizona, officiating Friday's Cubs-Mariners game in his first Major League game since entering the Disabled List ahead of 2016.

In all, Dreckman's missed games over the season and during the pre-season spring period are estimated in the 130-150 range. Dreckman worked a reduced schedule in 2015, officiating just 86 games, compared to 136 contests plus six League Championship Series games in 2013. He also missed the entire 2012 season after a full slate (and postseason assignment) in 2011.

Last Game: October 4, 2015 | Return to Play: March 10, 2017 | Total Time Absent: 522 days


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