Monday, April 24, 2017

Injury Scout - Brian Gorman Off Plate Duty on Sunday

Sunday's scheduled plate umpire in Philadelphia, Brian Gorman, officiated second base instead due to a "medical clearance" issue, according to the Phillies broadcast.

Gorman, who officiated Saturday's game at first base, returned to his Friday night stomping grounds in the middle infield while Sunday's originally scheduled first base umpire, Tripp Gibson, worked the plate in Gorman's stead.

CSN Philadelphia reported that Gorman's rare counterclockwise rotation from first to second base had to do with a matter related to medical clearance:
Usually, the umpires, as everybody knows, will circle around in a clockwise formation. Brian Gorman, the second base umpire today, was at first base yesterday, so he would normally then just go to home plate, but he cannot ump home just yet. He needs to get medical clearance from his doctors to be behind home plate, so that's why he's at second. He's a pretty good balls and strikes umpire, too.
Gorman's last scheduled plate game had been Friday's Braves-Phillies affair, but that game's originally scheduled first base umpire, Stu Scheurwater, ended up calling balls and strikes, with Gorman taking over at second base—where he notably jumped to avoid being struck by a batted ball—similar to Sunday's rotational maneuver.

Although the MLB Umpire Manual states, "An umpire who returns following injury or illness must be capable of working home plate," Gorman has not missed a scheduled assignment since his last game behind home plate, on April 17, in Houston.

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