Sunday, June 25, 2017

MLB Ejection 080 - John Tumpane (3; Peter Moylan)

HP Umpire John Tumpane ejected Royals pitcher Peter Moylan (balls/strikes) in the top of the 6th inning of the Blue Jays-Royals game. With none out and the bases loaded, Blue Jays batter Josh Donaldson hit a 1-0 sinker from Moylan into right field for a two-RBI double, resulting in Moylan's substitution out of the game. Replays indicate that of the six callable pitches ruled "ball" from Moylan's entrance into the game through his removal (batters Jose Bautista [walk], Russell Martin [fielding error], and Donaldson [double]), one was incorrectly officiated that realistically resulted in a different outcome of the at-bat pursuant to UEFL Rule 6-5-c-5 (ball three to Bautista [walk]), the call was correct.* At the time of the ejection, the Blue Jays were leading, 6-2. The Blue Jays ultimately won the contest, 8-2.

This is John Tumpane (74)'s third ejection of the 2017 MLB regular season.
John Tumpane now has 4 points in the UEFL Standings (0 Previous + 2 MLB + 2 Correct Call = 4).
Crew Chief Joe West now has 7 points in Crew Division (6 Previous + 1 Correct Call = 7).
*A Pitching Change Exemption, pursuant to UEFL Rule 6-5-c-2-a, has been applied.
*UEFL Rule 6-2-b-1 (Kulpa Rule): |0| < STRIKE < |.748| < BORDERLINE < |.914| < BALL.

This is the 80th ejection report of 2017.
This is the 33rd player ejection of 2017. Prior to ejection, Moylan's line was 0.0 IP, 2 R, ER, BB.
This is Kansas City's 3rd ejection of 2017, T-2nd in the AL Central (CWS 8; DET, KC 3; MIN 2; CLE 0).
This is Peter Moylan's first career MLB ejection.
This is John Tumpane's 3rd ejection of 2017, 1st since April 23 (Mike Matheny; QOC = N [Balls/Strikes]).

Wrap: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals, 6/25/17 | Video via "Read More"
Alternate Link: Miffed Moylan mutters marooning mound, makes mouth movement mistake (KC)


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