Tuesday, August 8, 2017

One Replay on Game Day - Review Distribution Rate

MLB hasn't experienced zero Replay Reviews during a regular season game day since April 2015, although we came close to matching that mark on Monday, when only a 9th inning review on the West Coast (Cubs at Giants) kept the streak alive.

Headsets are used less often on Mondays.
August 7's one Replay Review ("call stands") signified the first baseball game day with only one Replay Review since June 13, 2017. The feat was also accomplished on May 15 and June 5 of this season. Of these dates, June 13 (a Tuesday) was the only one with a "full" MLB schedule of games, as May 15 and June 5 both were Mondays, which, along with Thursday, is a "slow" day on the schedule when a portion of the league's teams experience off days, as opposed to Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, when all 30 teams are in action (barring any postponements).

As of our most recent MLB Umpire Sabermetrics update, baseball had compiled a rate of 1.77 games played for ever Replay Review (or 0.56 reviews per game; 889 Replay Reviews for 1574 Games Played, as of 7/31), which means that for Monday, August 7's abbreviated slate of seven contests, we should have expected approximately three or four reviews (3.96 expected reviews). Instead, we saw just one.

Histogram graphic: Count of days featuring X number of Replay Reviews.
The accompanying histogram indicates the number of game days in 2017 (Y-Axis) to feature a specified number of Replay Reviews (X-Axis). For instance, the left-most bar represents days with just one review on that game day while the right-most bar represents days with 16 reviews on that day (July 2 featured 16 reviews, which signifies the most daily replays in 2017).

The average number of daily Replay Reviews in 2017 is seven.

The last regular season game day to feature zero Replay Reviews whatsoever was April 7, 2015 (the second day of the 2015 regular season). As was the case on Monday, 4/7/15's scoreboard also featured seven games played. An eighth game originally scheduled for 4/7/15 was postponed and made up on July 7, 2015. The makeup game was also replay-less, meaning that all eight games originally scheduled for April 7 concluded without a review amongst them. That eight-game drought remains an expanded Replay Review record.

By contrast, recall the 2017 World Baseball Classic, whose Championship Round Games 1 and 2 set, then broke, Replay Review records for most video reviews in a game or fraction thereof.


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