Tuesday, November 28, 2017

KBO Fines Korean Teams That Sent Money to Ex-Ump Choi

South Korea's Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) fined three teams 10 million won ($9,230) each for wiring money to disgraced KBO umpire Choi Kyu-Soon in 2012 and 2013. Choi was indicted on gambling and fraud charges in October 2017 and last umpired KBO baseball during the 2013 season.

Former KBO ump Choi Kyu-Soon (C).
Photo from YonHap News Agency.
Choi's purported misconduct goes beyond simply taking money from baseball teams, allegedly borrowing 35 million won ($30,900) from the clubs plus friends, and then failing to pay them back.

Choi allegedly gambled away most of the borrowed money, with prosectors clearing Choi of the more sinister charge of match-fixing or bribery: Choi allegedly engaged in "personal misdeeds," though officials declined to state the precise nature of Choi's gambling and wagers.

According to YonHap News Agency, the Samsung Lions, Nexen Heroes, and Kia Tigers are the three KBO clubs accused of paying Choi in violation of KBO rules prohibiting financial transactions of any kind between club employees and umpires.

The alleged wire transfers are as follows:
> Samsung to Choi, 4 million won (about $3,700) in 2013;
> Next Heroes, 3 million won (about $2,800) in 2013;
> Kia Tigers, 1 million won (about $925) in 2012;
> Kia Tigers, 1 million won (about $925) in 2013.


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