Saturday, December 23, 2017

Source - Stu Scheurwater Hired to Full-Time MLB Staff

34-year-old Stu Scheurwater of Regina, Saskatchewan is, unofficially, Major League Baseball's newest umpire, MLB reportedly hiring him to the full-time staff to fill retired ump Dale Scott's vacancy, according to multiple sources.

A Baseball Canada umpiring alum, Scheurwater begins his MLBU career with 253 games of Major League experience, including 153 games in 2017, after debuting on April 25, 2014 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles; the news is reported as a SOURCE post and has not yet been confirmed.* For instance, the Press Reader reported that Scheurwater is not yet officially a full-time MLB umpire, though he "could be named to the full-time staff as early as this February."
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Stu Scheurwater is MLB's newest staff umpire.*

His foray into professional American baseball began with graduation from the Harry Wendelstedt Umpire School in 2006, after which Scheurwater was forced to sit out the 2006 season due to a paperwork processing delay at Homeland Security.

After officially beginning in the minors on the 2007 Arizona League staff, Scheurwater worked his way through the Northwest, South Atlantic, Carolina, Texas, and Pacific Coast Leagues, working the 2012 Arizona Fall League along the way; in all, Scheurwater officially served six seasons in Triple-A, although he spent nearly the entire 2017 season at the Major League level due in part to Dale Scott's career-ending head injury in Toronto.
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Scheurwater effected his first ejection on April 30, 2017, when he threw out Orioles Manager Buck Showalter for arguing a correctly officiated balk call; he finished the 2017 season with five ejections and earned the 2017 UEFL Award for Fill-In Umpire of the Year, marking the fourth consecutive Fill-In Umpire of the Year to have been hired to the full-time staff (Gibson '14, Tumpane '15, and Hamari '16).
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Scheurwater is the most recent Canada-born umpire to make it to the big leagues; Jim McKean, who officiated in the American League from 1973-1999, and throughout both leagues in 2000 and 2001, was born in Montreal, Quebec. Ian Lamplugh, who last worked in 2002, grew up in British Columbia, but was born in Trowbridge, England.

*Reported as a Source post pursuant to UEFL News Reporting Best Practices, and not yet officially confirmed.


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