Sunday, May 6, 2018

MLB Ejection 033 - Jeremie Rehak (1; John Gibbons)

HP Umpire Jeremie Rehak ejected Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons (no step balk call; QOCY) in the bottom of the 8th inning of the Blue Jays-Rays game. With one out and one on (R1), Rays baserunner Rob Refsnyder advanced to second base on a balk by Blue Jays pitcher Ryan Tepera, as called by HP Umpire Rehak. Replays indicate Tepera failed to step to first base with his free foot (left foot) before throwing to that base; in other words, he wheeled and threw to first base, but failed to gain distance with his lead foot to the base itself, resulting in a no step balk, the call was correct.* At the time of the ejection, the game was tied, 1-1. The Blue Jays ultimately won the contest, 2-1.

This is Jeremie Rehak (35)'s first ejection of 2018.
Jeremie Rehak now has 2 points in the UEFL Standings (-2 Prev + 2 AAA + 2 Correct Call = 2).
Crew Chief Fieldin Culbreth now has 1 point in Crew Division (0 Previous + 1 Correct Call = 1).
*Rule 6.02(a)(3) states it is a balk when—"The pitcher, while touching his plate, fails to step directly toward a base before throwing to that base."
6.02(a)(3) Comment continues:
Requires the pitcher, while touching his plate, to step directly toward a base before throwing to that base. If a pitcher turns or spins off of his free foot without actually stepping or if he turns his body and throws before stepping, it is a balk. because he steps. A pitcher is to step directly toward a base before throwing to that base and is required to throw (except to second base) because he steps.
Rule 8.02(a) Comment states, "Players leaving their position in the field or on base, or managers or coaches leaving the bench or coaches box, to argue on BALLS AND STRIKES will not be permitted. They should be warned if they start for the plate to protest the call. If they continue, they will be ejected from the game."
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This is the 33rd ejection of the 2018 MLB regular season.
This is the 12th Manager ejection of 2018.
This is Toronto's 3rd ejection of 2018, 2nd in the AL East (NYY 4; TOR 3; BOS 1; BAL, TB 0).
This is John Gibbons' 3rd ejection of 2018, 1st since May 5 (CB Bucknor; QOC = N [Balls/Strikes]).
This is Jeremie Rehak's first career MLB ejection.

Wrap: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays, 5/6/18 | Video as follows:
Alternate Link: Rehak removes renegade ringleader, who receives a repeat reprimand (TB)


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