Tuesday, June 5, 2018

UEFL Invokes Injury Replacement Rule for Everitt

Since sustaining an Opening Day concussion on a March 30 pitch to the head that eluded catcher Francisco Cervelli's mitt, umpire Mike Everitt attempted a return after 25 days off the field, officiating several games from April 25 through May 2 before he once again disappeared from on-field service.
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Mike Everitt is yet to return to regular service.
Unfortunately, this complication has led to a second absence that has now surpassed the 30-day threshold indicated in new-for-2018 UEFL Rule 1-5-b, which authorizes umpire replacement under certain circumstances during the regular season pertaining to extended absence.

Because Everitt is a Crew Chief, there are two potential replacements that UEFL members who own Everitt may effect: that of Everitt as a Primary/Secondary umpire, and that of Everitt as a Crew Chief.

If you drafted Everitt in either capacity and wish to make a replacement, read on for Rule 1-5-b's instructions.

UEFL Acceptable Replacement Procedure
If your Crew Chief is Mike Everitt, you may select any Crew Chief listed below.
If your PRM/SDR is Mike Everitt, you may select any primary/secondary umpire listed below.

Everitt has zero points in Primary and Secondary classifications, and zero points in Crew Division.

List of Legal Replacements (as of June 5, 2018; Subject to change after this date)
Crew Division - Eligible Replacement Crew Chiefs (ranked by UEFL points, in parentheses):
Welke, Bill (-1) [Rule 1-2-b replacement]
Wegner, Mark (-1) [Rule 1-5-b replacement]
Holbrook, Sam (-1) [1-5-b]
Davis, Gerry (-3) [1-5-b]
West, Joe (-4) [1-5-b]
Hallion, Tom (-7) [1-5-b]
Miller, Bill (-7) [1-5-b]
Kellogg, Jeff (-8) [1-5-b]

Primaries and Secondaries - Refer to UEFL Standings (umpires must have less than 0 UEFL points)

To effect a midseason replacement, post a comment to this announcement indicating your username, classification to be changed (Crew Chief, Primary, or Secondary), and proposed replacement name.


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