Friday, August 17, 2018

Plate Meeting Podcast Ep 3 Teaser - Brian Hertzog

Announcing Episode 3 of The Plate Meeting, a LF Umpire Podcast from, which will debut Monday. Tmac & Gil are joined by Brian Hertzog, former MiLB umpire and CEO of Official Business, who talks his career, release & life after Minor League Baseball, and the topic of game management, which transcends all levels of officiating.

It's a story to which many Minor League umpires can relate. MiLB Umpire Development previously said that only five percent of umpires in the minors will make it to the major leagues, and less than one percent of umpire school attendees will see regular season MLB action.

Episode 3 of The Plate Meeting debuts Monday, August 20.

The following video teaser features Hertzog's recollection of a brawl he presided over in Reno (AAA):

Alternate Link: Umpire Brian Hertzog recalls a brawl between Albuquerque and Reno (UEFL)


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