Thursday, March 28, 2019

2019 UEFL Season Draft Results Summary

To celebrate #OpeningDay 2019, we present the results of the 2019 Umpire Ejection Fantasy League draft. Who was the most popular selection? Did Joe West go #1 in Crew Chief division again? Did Angel Hernandez pique more interest given all the lawsuit hubbub? We break down the numbers.

Sample Size: 150 users submitted selections for the 2019 UEFL draft.
New or Returning: 44.5% of entrants are returning from 2018, 13.1% participated in the league before but not in 2018, and 42.5% of entrants are new to the UEFL.

Crew Chief: Joe West was the most popular crew chief selection, appearing on 22.6% of submitted ballots, followed by Ted Barrett. Top 5 as follows:
Joe West: 22.6%.
Ted Barrett: 18.7%.
Mark Wegner: 7.7%
Jeff Kellogg, Gerry Davis: 5.8%.

Primary Umpires: John Tumpane appeared on a league-high 18.7% of Primary Umpire ballots, followed by Joe West. Top 5 as follows:
John Tumpane: 18.7%.
Joe West: 14.8%.
Will Little: 11.7%.
Vic Carapazza: 7.8%.
Angel Hernandez: 6.4%.

Secondary Umpires: Adam Hamari led the league in appearances for Secondary Umpires with a 12.9% selection rate, followed by Stu Scheurwater. Top 5 as follows:
Adam Hamari: 12.9%.
Stu Scheurwater: 10.2%.
John Tumpane: 7.8%.
Will Little: 7.1%.
Chad Fairchild: 6.5%.


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