Wednesday, April 10, 2019

MLB Delays Atlantic League Robo Ump Experiment

MLB and the Atlantic League will delay implementation of a computerized strike zone for pitch calling and agreed to delay changing the mound distance until 2020, announcing that robot umpires will not call balls and strikes on ALPB Opening Day as previously stated.

Instead, the electronic strike zone, which will take flight as an earpiece given to home plate umpires so they can be informed of the TrackMan computer's determination of whether a pitch is a strike or ball—with the power to override the computer's suggestion—"will be implemented gradually over the course of the 2019 season," with no specific dates announced.

The leagues also said that their proposal to increase the distance from home plate to the pitcher's plate by two feet, from 60'6" to 62'6", won't begin until the second half of the 2020 Atlantic League season. The pitcher's mound/rubber change had initially been slated to begin in mid-2019.
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Other rules changes will go forth in the Atlantic League for 2019, including:
> No mound visits other than for pitching changes or medical issues;
> Pitchers must face a minimum of three batters or end an inning, barring injury;
> First, second, and third base will be increased from 15" to 18-inches square.
> Two fielders must position themselves on either side of second base at time-of-pitch (penalty: ball);
> Inning and pitching change breaks are reduced from 2:05 to 1:45.


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