Friday, June 21, 2019

MLB Suspends Cabrera - Too Harsh or Just Right?

MLB suspended Rangers 3B Asdrubal Cabrera four games for throwing equipment (batting gloves) from the dugout and onto the field that struck Crew Chief Bill Miller in the ankle after HP Umpire Doug Eddings had ejected Cabrera moments earlier for arguing balls and strikes. Was this suspension proper or was it too severe/light?

How does it compare to the MLB-MLBUA Manny Machado one-game suspension kerfuffle—is it related in any way or an entirely separate action? Is there a hidden message from MLB to the union here? And how does it compare to MLB's four-game suspension handed to former Blue Jay Brett Lawrie in 2012 for throwing his batting helmet at the feet of Bill Miller in Toronto, whereupon the helmet bounced up and struck Miller in his side?
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Finally, Josh Donaldson had his suspension for fighting the Pittsburgh Pirates in Atlanta reduced to zero on appeal. The league originally suspended Donaldson for igniting a bench-clearing incident after Donaldson was hit/grazed by a pitch from Joe Musgrove, resulting in both players' ejection from the game.
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The following video analysis presents these incidents for your perusal:

Alternate Link: MLB Suspends Cabrera Four Games - Too Harsh or Just Right? (CCS)


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