Sunday, August 11, 2019

John Tumpane's Late-Inning Rotation

To get in the mood for an upcoming Tump & Ted Teachable, we're highlighting a crucial rotation by HP Umpire John Tumpane in the bottom of the 9th inning of Sunday's Braves-Marlins game on a critical out call at first base as Atlanta's Ronald Acuna retired batter-runner Isan Diaz on a wide turn at the bag.

The analysis here is rather simple. With none out and none on, 1B Umpire Lance Barksdale ran down the right field line after watching 2B Umpire John Bacon move into the infield on a fly ball down the right field line that fell untouched in front of outfielder Acuna.

With Barksdale jogging into the outfield to signal the play fair and 2B Umpire Bacon hustling into the infield with Crew Chief Ted Barrett remaining at third, that left first base uncovered, which meant that, with Diaz the only baserunner to account for, HP Umpire Tumpane had play-calling responsibility for the batter-runner back into first base in the event that the defense attempted to make a play at the bag...which is precisely what happened.

Nonverbal communication is vital for U1 & 2.
This is a perfect example of a crew executing standard responsibilities on a play that develops into something where textbook rotation—something as relatively ordinary and common as U1 following a fly ball into his primary outfield coverage area as the right fielder moves to his left, U2 moving into the infield, U3 staying put, and the plate umpire taking U1's vacant first base—is absolutely vital to officiate this play correctly. Not to mention Tumpane having to gently guide Marlins first base coach Trey Hillman out of the way as MLBU #74 took a knee to make his call. Video as follows:

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