Thursday, August 8, 2019

Video Teachable - One-Out Time Play in LA

This Tmac's Teachable Moments video concerns time plays, and specifically a play that occurred with one out and runners at the corners at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Chief Tom Hallion's Crew with HP Umpire Todd Tichenor and 2B Umpire Sean Barber officiated this inning-ending double play as a well-oiled machine, with a run-cancelling call that was affirmed via Replay Review.

The Play: With one out and runners at first and third (R1, R3), Padres batter Greg Garcia hit a ground ball down the right field line to first baseman Max Muncy, who stepped on the base and threw to Chris Taylor at second base as Padres baserunner R1 Franmil Reyes slid into the bag, tagged by infielder Taylor as R3 attempted to score from third base.

The Call: 1B Umpire Tom Hallion signaled batter-runner Garcia out on Muncy's tag of first base following the fair ground ball and 2B Umpire Sean Barber called runner Reyes out at second base as HP Umpire Todd Tichenor waved that R3's run did not score prior to the third out at second base.

Tichenor voids the run for a tardy touch.
Analysis: With a runner at third base, a HP Umpire should generally be afforded the opportunity to get into position for a potential play at home plate on a ground ball to the infield. Different crews may employ different mechanics, and for Hallion's crew, this could mean that 1B Umpire Hallion or 3B Umpire Adam Hamari would be enabled to rule on a fair/foul ground ball in front of the bag (even though, ordinarily, the plate umpire has that responsibility...umpiring is all about adjusting to situations; sometimes it isn't possible to stick with cookie-cutter procedure).

As F3 Muncy touches the ball over fair territory, he steps on first base—it's a nearly simultaneous "fair" and "out" call, which U1 Hallion motions as Muncy throws down to Taylor covering second base.

F3's BR out removes the force on R1 at 2B.
Hallion's out call on the batter-runner indicates to U2 Barber that the force play on San Diego runner R1 Reyes has been removed by virtue of the batter-runner's retirement, and the Dodgers will need to tag the remaining runner for the final out. Barber officiates the tag for the third out of the inning as PU Tichenor observes the base touch of home plate relative to the timing of the tag-out at second base by lining up home plate with second base.

UIC Tichenor lines up the potential time play.
Satisfied that the run did not score prior to the third out of the inning, Tichenor signals that the run should not count by waving his arms above his shoulders. It's important to raise both arms above the shoulders so as not to confuse teams or players with the "safe" mechanic, which is generally effected at shoulder-height or below.

Video as follows:

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