Monday, September 2, 2019

Fake Ump Tim Williams' Toronto Charity Night

Proving that even retired fan-umpires can subscribe to @UmpsCare Charities' Helping People is an Easy Call philosophy, Tim Williams of Toronto—the former Real Fake Umpire—and his wife Caroline, who serves on the organization's Board of Directors, will hold a fundraiser on September 26 in Canada: "We hope to raise the profile of Umpscare charity north of the border."

Ryan Blakney, Mike Estabrook, Caroline Williams,
Paul Emmel, Tim Williams & Bruce Dreckman
The Williamses were at Rogers Centre on Sunday to greet Paul Emmel's crew after Justin Verlander's no-hitter, as Tim added the home plate umpire's MLB-authenticated jersey to his collection following Houston's milestone game.

"It was very special to witness Paul Emmel get his first no hitter in Canada for both Caroline and myself. We have known him since 2009 and Paul was the junior 4 man on the original Gary Darling-led crew we first met once The Fake Umpires gained traction and that we realized we could potentially help raise some money for Umpscare," said Tim.

Williams will launch the first-ever Toronto UMPS CARE Charity Night (link here) on 9/26/19 as the MLB umpire-formed organization goes international.

He first gained widespread attention for his Real Fake Umpires routine with Joe Farrell from 2008 through 2010, raising over $10,000 for UMPS CARE Charities during their tour of duty sitting and officiating behind home plate in ballparks across the United States (and Canada's Rogers Centre). In 2015, the duo came back for one encore appearance in New York after a couple of Fake Fake Umpires "put on a Double A act at a Major League Stadium" in San Francisco, raising another $7,000+ for Umps Care.
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