Monday, November 18, 2019

2019 Rules Summit Discussion

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League announces its 2019 UEFL Rules Summit, our annual forum for discussion of controversial issues which may have surfaced during the past season, setting forth a framework for rectifying these issues by amending the existing UEFL Rules Book ahead of the 2020 UEFL season.
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This discussion thread is an open colloquium for proposal, discussion and debate of potential rules changes. This thread will remain open through Friday, November 22 and voting will begin Saturday, November 23—voting will not occur prior to that date. This will provide ample time for proposal and subsequent discussion of possible rules changes for next year's UEFL. If necessitated by certain below decisions, a Summit runoff ballot may be presented after the initial voting closes.

You may propose a rules change by replying in a comment to this post and the following list, accordingly, will be routinely updated to reflect such proposals. Nonmaterial proposed modifications and cascading editorial changes are underlined, deletions are printed in strikethrough and material additions are bold faced. Comments/rationale not part of the actual book are indicated by italics. Individual propositions are preceded by the ">>" bullet point symbol.

Rule 1 (Selection of Umpires).
>> 1-4-b: Eliminates entire "Live Secondary Draft" rule.
Rationale: The UEFL operates its Draft over an extended time period such that this rule no longer is applicable (Submitted by: UEFL Guest).

Rule 2 (The Season).

Rule 3 (Crew Division).
>> 3-6: An umpire shall receive the following bonus points applicable to Crew Division for postseason assignments, in addition to any other points applications in this code: +1 for Wild Card Game Crew Chief, +2 for Division Series Crew Chief, +3 for League Championship Series Crew Chief, +4 for World Series Crew Chief.
Rationale: they are being chosen to be a crew chief so it makes sense that the receive points in the crew chief division (Znyhusmoen).

Rule 4 (League Scoring).
>> 4-2-b: +1 points for an ejection occurring as a result of a player/coach arguing a correctly ruled call by a crewmate / -2 points for an ejection occuring as a result of a player/coach arguing an incorrect ruled call by a crewmate.
Rationale: I believe that an ejection by a non-calling umpire should not be assigned a point value in the standings. The reason for this is that in the vast majority of cases, the ejecting umpire is not responsible in any way for either a correct/incorrect call by another umpire, and for them to be penalized (or rewarded) for an incorrect call someone else made is unfair, in my opinion (JakeUmp).

>> 4-2-b-1: 2 points for an ejection occurring as a result of a player/coach arguing a correctly ruled call by the ejector correct call that would be confirmed by replay.
4-2-b-2: 1 point for an ejection occurring as a result of a player/coach arguing a call that would stand or is inconclusive by the ejecting umpire or for a correct call by a crewmate.
4-2-b-5: 0 points for an ejection occurring as a result of a player/coach arguing a crewmate's call that is inconclusive or would stand after replay.
Rationale: An Ejection call that is 100% correct should be rewarded with a higher point reward than a call that some may logically view as incorrect (Lstaben).
>> 4-7-a-1: A call confirmed will result in the addition of two (2) points.
4-7-a: A call that stands will result in the addition of one (1) point.
Rationale: A Replay Review call that is 100% correct should be rewarded with a higher point reward than a call that some may logically view as incorrect (Lstaben).

>> 4-3-b-4: During the Post-season, ejections as a result of an incorrect call by a crewmate will result in the application of minus two (-2) minus three (-3) points.
Rationale: During the regular season, QOCN by another ump reduces the points from that ejection down to zero for a primary ump. This is just making it the same in the postseason [since postseason base points are +3 instead of +2]. It's a minor change, but I feel like it would be more symmetric, especially because [calling] QOCN drops to -6 for the postseason (Kieros).

>> 4-4: any of several characteristics throughout the season. An individual umpire's season begins with that umpire's first on-field appearance during the preseason and concludes with that individual umpire's final on-field appearance during the regular or postseason. 
Rationale: This makes it clear when off field actions may be used as a basis for awards for a specific season. These awards should be judge based solely on an umpire's performance and actions during their season, not the MLB season (Garrett Webster).

>> 4-4-AR: Fill-In umpires that work a minimum of 115 games over the course of the season shall be eligible to receive awards a-e, and h. All umpires with an ejection shall be eligible to receive the Best Ejection of the Year award.
Rationale: Formally establishes that all umpires, including call-ups, are eligible for Ejection of the Year (Michael).

Rule 5 (Statistics).

Rule 6 (Challenges and Appeals).
>> 6-2-a and -b: Eliminates all references to Margin of Error.
Rationale: By using a MOE, you're unfairly giving more credit to the calling umpire, leading to a larger percentage of "correct" calls as it relates to ball/strike ejections. If MLB is using a system that allows the adjustment of pitch locations after the game is complete, then no MOE should be used to determine the accuracy of the pitch location - the "adjusted" location (probably better defined as "final location" or "reviewed location", as there's a chance it's not moved after review) should be considered the most-accurate rendering of a pitch's location (yawetag).

>> 6-2-b: QOC for Ball/Strikes shall be determined at the earlier of the following:
1) Adjusted numbers are released, or;
2) 24 hours after the end of the game.
Rationale: The delay allows time for more-accurate numbers to be posted. This delay will prevent adjustment of points earned and less confusion to members who may not see updates to the original posts (yawetag).

Rule 7 (Unresolved Classifications and References).

Rule 8 (Umpire Odds & Ends and Community Issues).

Rule 9 (Unaddressed and Authorized Provisions).

The final portion of the Rules Summit ballot will feature 2019 UEFL Appeals Board members seeking re-election for 2020, as afforded by the process delineated by UEFL Rule 6-4-a-4. Click here to view the Board's 28 decisions in 2019.

Following the 2019 Rules Summit's discussion phase, voting will occur. No voting shall take place prior to 11/23, until the discussion phase has ended and all proposals become part of the finalized ballot.


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