Tuesday, April 21, 2020

CPBL Teachable - Positioning for a Peculiar Pickoff

Although MLB remains on hiatus, baseball in Taiwan marches on, and this pickoff play from a CPBL game gave Tmac an idea for a Teachable Moment. The 2B Umpire must decide how to receive a play with more than one potential tagging fielder. How does an umpire's positioning differ for a shortstop vs second baseman pickoff?

In this Teachable, we consider pre-play possibilities for both scenarios along with the implications for officiating this play in real-time, both as relates to starting position along the infield as well as the footwork required to wind up in the best keyhole or wedge angle to see the pick off play.

Our last Teachable featuring HP Umpire David Rackley cautioned against moving too much, or over-hustling to take oneself out of position. This time, it's all about taking an appropriate read step or two...but not aimlessly. The goal is to move with a purpose—know when to go, but also when to stop.
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Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Teachable - Positioning for a Peculiar Pickoff in the CPBL (CCS)


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