Saturday, June 26, 2021

MiLB Ejection - Taka Matsuda (Pat Kelly & A Broken Belt)

For HP Umpire Taka Matsuda, Friday's Triple-A matchup between Indianapolis and Louisville featured a most bizarre ejection as Bats manager Pat Kelly was ejected while yelling at the umpire as he attempted to fix a broken belt by replacing it with that of Crew Chief Alex MacKay.

Kelly's 6th inning ejection followed the prior ejection of Bats shortstop Alfredo Rodriguez, after Kelly had already returned to the dugout having argued Rodriguez's ejection, and occurred after Matsuda's belt broke while the umpire reached down to clean home plate.

As crewmates MacKay and Dave Martinez assisted in replacing the faulty belt—a requirement to hold the plate umpire's ball bags—Kelly shouted from the dugout and was ejected as Matsuda adjusted his new belt, the skipper quickly turning his ire to MacKay and Martinez before leaving the field.


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