Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Ted Barrett Delivers First Replay Review PA Mic Call

Major League Baseball's 2022 umpire microphones hit the ground running during Monday's Angels-Dodgers Spring Training Freeway Series in Los Angeles, with Crew Chief Ted Barrett announcing to the crowd a Replay Review decision after Anaheim LA manager Joe Maddon unsuccessfully challenged HP Umpire Mark Ripperger's hit-by-pitch call during Dodgers hitter Chris Taylor's at-bat.

As previously indicated, the procedure for umpires to address the stadium over the public address system is to first announce who is challenging the play (or if it is a Crew Chief review instead), and what specifically is being challenged. Then, after New York makes its ruling, the Chief announces over the PA the confirmed/stands/overturned decision, as well as outcomes if applicable (such as runner placement if complex) and whether a team has lost its challenge.

One final technical note is that the umpiring crew—not just the chief—will have their own individual microphone/earpiece sets. When Barrett announced the Review Monday night, he and calling umpire Ripperger stood along the foul line near first base—the bulky headsets of yore were not used as all the action took place over the umpires' personally-worn com systems.


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