Sunday, May 22, 2022

Same Pitch Nets Different RoboUmp Calls by Feed

TV's home and away broadcast feeds disagreed with each other over whether HP Umpire Gabe Morales' ball four call during Eduardo Escobar's at-bat during Tuesday's Cardinals-Mets game was correct as one broadcast showed ball while the other had strike. Determining QOC from the visual strike zone box alone, thus, depends on whether one watched St Louis or New York's broadcast, as the TV called the same pitch two different ways depending on which feed was being used.

Although alarmingly common, RoboUmp's mostly-hidden secret of occasionally displaying two different strike zone and pitch representations for the same exact pitch took center stage during Game 1 of STL-NYM's doubleheader, but only to an esoteric few who actually watched both broadcast feeds and noticed the ambiguous absurdity on a ball four call that produced very little fanfare.

If you were to have watched the home Mets feed, you would have seen an apparent strike but if you were to have watched the visiting Cardinals feed, you would have seen an apparent ball. Video analysis indicates the two broadcasts used different on-screen graphic strike zone boxes for the same batter, on the same pitch.

The pitch data, however, is direct from MLB and confirms that Cardinals pitcher Miles Mikolas 3-2 sinker to Mets batter Escobar was correctly ruled ball four: With a px value of 0.25, pz 3.47, sz_bot 3.14 and RAD 3.26, the pitch missed high by 2.52 vertical inches, well outside of both UEFL f/x and Zone Evaluation's respective margins of error—the pitch was a ball, though if you were to have watched the wrong broadcast, you'd never know it.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Same pitch shows different home & away feed K-Zone boxes (NYM/STL/CCS)


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