Friday, October 21, 2022

Why Umpire Barrett Denied Machado's Time Out Request

After striking out to end the 3rd inning in Game 2 of the Phillies-Padres NLCS, San Diego batter Manny Machado turned to argue with Lance Barrett about the HP Umpire's failure to grant Machado's "Time" request. Here's why the time out was denied.

Official Baseball Rule 5.04(b)(2) governs this situation and states, "Umpires will not call “Time” at the request of the batter or any member of their team once the pitcher has started their windup or has come to a set position even though the batter claims “dust in his eyes,” “steamed glasses,” “didn’t get the sign” or for any other cause."

Although replays do not conclusively indicate whether or not Machado timely requested "Time" or did so only after Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola began his windup delivery because the TV broadcast was busy concentrating on the health of broadcaster John Smoltz's Starbucks drink and thus cut to the pitch sequence too late, we see that Machado previously struck out during a playoff game in Los Angeles when, as a member of the Dodgers, a late time-out request was similarly denied by that game's plate umpire, Hunter Wendelstedt.

To deny a request, an umpire simply ignores it and calls the pitch as per usual | Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Umpire Barrett denies batter Machado's time out request due to tardiness (CCS)


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