Sunday, March 12, 2023

MLB's Max Scherzer Rule - Pitcher Can't Come Set Before Batter is Ready

After Mets pitcher Max Scherzer spent New York's early Spring Training game against Washington playing with the pitch clock rules and throwing off batter timing, MLB has come in and shut him down: The new so-called "Scherzer Rule" or point of emphasis states that pitchers no longer may come set prior to the batter becoming alert in the box; umpires are to award a penalty of an automatic ball if the pitcher violates (after being warned or instructed to wait until the batter is alert before coming set).

HP Umpire John Bacon called the automatic ball infraction multiple times (after a warning the first time) during an Angels-Dodgers Spring Training game, with the last auto-ball penalty occurring during the very last at-bat of the game, which ended via a walk-off walk for the Dodgers.

To be clear, this is not a new Official Baseball Rule but instead a new point of emphasis or procedural/protocol change for umpires, stating that the Scherzer strategy of coming set before the batter is ready in the box, while legal just one week ago, is no longer to be permitted and, instead, will result in a pitch clock violation penalty for repeated infractions.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: LA walks off LA on auto-ball due to outlawed Scherzer strategy (CCS)


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