Friday, March 31, 2023

PitchCom Breaks, Pitch Violation Called as Manfred Sits in the Booth

What happens when the pitcher-catcher PitchCom system breaks while the pitch clock timer expires? When it happened during the Phillies-Rangers game (with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred in attendance), HP Umpire Jeff Nelson called a pitch clock violation on Texas pitcher Jacob deGrom before consulting with Replay Review and rescinding the violation, allowing the technical malfunction to excuse the momentary pace-of-play infraction.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman's violation did stick as HP Umpire Ron Kulpa called Stroman for failing to start his delivery prior to the clock hitting zero. That call did stick, as no complications like a PitchCom malfunction was to blame.

In Miami, HP Umpire Larry Vanover wound up granting "Time" to Marlins batter Bryan de la Cruz, who shouted to get the umpire's attention when Mets pitcher Max Scherzer failed to start his delivery prior to the pitch clock expiring at that game. Vanover, who did not call Scherzer for the time violation, instead charged de la Cruz with a time out request, the batter's sole allotment for the at-bat.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: PitchCom breaks as clock expires—umpire's violation call reversed (PHI/TEX/CHC/MIA)


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