Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Vic Carapazza Knocked Down at 1B But Still Makes the Call

For 1B Umpire Vic Carapazza, an innocuous groundout by Blue Jays batter Kevin Kiermaier's in Kansas City turned into a collision with Royals pitcher Aroldis Chapman behind first base as the closer bowled over the umpire while running to avoid his own first baseman Vinnie Pasquantino, who had fielded Kiermaier's ground ball and was taking the play to the bag himself.

Having fallen to the ground, Carapazza appeared to initially signal "safe" from a prone position before rising and quickly signaling Kiermaier out, clarifying that the batter-runner had in fact been retired. The crew got together and the out call prevailed. Replays indicate the batter-runner did indeed appear to be out.

Following this play, with a 1-1 count to ensuing Blue Jays batter George Springer, Royals catcher Salvador Perez requested "Time" with three seconds remaining on the pitch clock, with HP Umpire Jerry Layne granting the request at the two-second mark. After a conversation with 3B Umpire Adam Hamari and despite Layne's own signal of an apparent pitch clock violation by pointing to his wrist, no additional ball was added to the count—the "Time" call made sense, with replays showing a strong gust of wind at Kauffman Stadium during that sequence.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Chapman tackles umpire Carapazza during close play at first base (TOR/KC)


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