Monday, June 5, 2023

Sheldon HS Softball Defeats Oregon City on Obstruction

Although Oregon City High School threw a no-hitter in its state title game, it nonetheless lost to Sheldon HS thanks to a walk-off obstruction call at third base to end the game, with umpires awarding Sheldon's baserunner home on the play, scoring the only run of the contest.

With one out and one on—a runner at first base whose hit-by-pitch broke up Oregon City's perfect game bid—in the bottom of the 7th and final inning of play, the home team's batter bunted the ball, resulting in a throwing error when the drawn-in infielder's throw bounced past first base. The preceding runner R1 rounded third and headed for home as the defense threw to the catcher, who tagged the runner for the apparent second out of the inning, and threw to second base to tag the batter-runner for an inning-ending double play.

However, the home plate umpire, having rotated up the third base line as the third base umpire moved in to take a potential play at second base, signaled a delayed dead ball as baserunner R1 passed third base. Replays indicate the fielder impeded the runner, resulting in an obstruction call and ultimately a base award that allowed R1 to score despite initially appearing to have been thrown out at home.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Sheldon HS walks off with obstruction to win state title against Oregon City


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