Wednesday, August 2, 2023

No-Hitter - Quinn Wolcott (Framber Valdez)

HP Umpire Quinn Wolcott called #Astros pitcher Framber Valdez's no-hitter vs the #Guardians in Houston, joined by 1B Umpire Junior Valentine, 2B Umpire Paul Clemons, and 3B Umpire and Crew Chief Adrian Johnson.

Wolcott officiated Valdez's no-hitter with a net accuracy of 97.4%.

This is Quinn Wolcott's first career MLB no-hitter.

This is the second solo no-hitter of 2023, 1st since July 5 (Edwin Moscoso; Domingo Germán's perfect game).

The UEFL f/x look:
Balls: 73 called balls outside strike zone / 3 called balls within strike zone = 73/76 = 96.1% accuracy.
Strikes: 39 called strikes within strike zone / 0 called strike outside strike zone = 39/39 = 100% accuracy.
Total Raw Accuracy Score: 112/115 = 97.4% accuracy (+1 HOU [Favored Houston by 1 pitch]).


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