Saturday, August 19, 2023

Vlad Guerrero's Smart Play - Untouched Drop Turns Two

Toronto's Vlad Guerrero's smart play in the field led to a Blue Jays double play against Cincinnati when Reds batter Will Benson's infield fly ball with one out and a runner on first base fell to the ground untouched, with Guerrero throwing to first base to retire batter-runner Benson (who didn't run the play out), leading to a double play via tag as the lead baserunner was retired during a rundown. Umpires had a lot to consider here and we review the various rules involved.

The rules discussed include the infield fly rule (we eliminate an infield fly possibility, because only first base was occupied with less than two out [e.g., not first and second or bases loaded]), Official Baseball Rule 6.01(a)(10) fielder protection on a batted ball against batter/runner interference (Guerrero was the protected fielder entitled to field this fly ball), OBR 5.09(a)(12) the intentional drop rule (dead ball, batter is out -- only occurs if the fielder TOUCHES the ball before intentionally dropping it...Guerrero didn't touch the fly ball), and OBR 5.09(b)(6)the force being removed on the lead runner when the batter was retired which necessitated a tag of the runner instead of the base.

Video as follows:

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