Monday, April 25, 2011

UEFL Points: Case Plays

In addition to tracking and analyzing umpire ejections, the UEFL is dedicate to objectively considering all interesting baseball plays, with great regard for the rules and spirit of the game. Accordingly, the UEFL has introduced the Case Play into the League. A Case Play is an "on the record" version of Umpire Odds & Ends: It can give you, as a UEFL league participant, points to supplement your umpire ejection points total, and it allows all of us to review rules from time to time while discussing interesting plays that may result in a game.

Before we post our first Case Play of the season, we'd like to give everyone a chance to review the premise of the Case Play and its relevant place in the UEFL Rulebook, Rule 4.f. Just like "Odds & Ends," Case Plays may be posted spontaneously, and unlike "Odds & Ends," they come with points implications (you can only gain points by participating, you will never lose points as the result of an incorrect response) and generally speaking, Case Plays are more cerebrally involved than are Odds & Ends.

So before we post our first Case Play (in the next few days), we invite you to consult the UEFL Rulebook for further information and for a few Case Play scenarios (with "answers"). UEFL Rule 4.f, regarding Case Plays, has been reproduced below as well (sans the example scenarios and "answers").

f. Case Plays and rules applications
            i. From time to time, Case Plays may be posted to the UEFL. A Case Play is a part rules analysis, part rules application, and does have bearing on the distribution of points. Sporadically and unannounced, a Case Play posted to the UEFL will present one scenario that might play out on the field, with the possibility of multiple questions within the Case Play. The question will be posed to all UEFL members regarding the correct rules application for the specific scenario posed. UEFL members will have 48 hours (2 days) from the time of the Case Play's post to answer the question (and all of its parts, if applicable).
            ii. The following elements must accompany all Case Play responses to receive credit for the correct response:
                - Relevant MLB Rule(s); no NCAA or NFHS references shall be credited
                - All relevant results of the play after applying said rule(s)
                - Any other criteria requested by the "Case Play: _" post.
            iii. All Case Play posts shall be titled in the form of, "Case Play: _," and shall         remain open to UEFL members for no less than 48 hours (2 days) so that adequate time is given for UEFL members to provide their answers in the form of a comment/reply to the "Case Play: __" post.
                § All users must clearly convey their identity relative to their username/identifier so that they may be credited with points, if applicable. This is the responsibility of the user replying to the Case Play post.
                § In the interest of fairness, all Case Play responses will remain in moderation (screened or invisible) until the ~48 hour submission period is closed.
            iv. All Case Play posts shall clearly specify their points value/worth.
            v. All appropriate parts of the scenario shall clearly specify their points value/worth, if applicable.


Jimmy said...

Sounds fun, I know this would have been perfect for that Verlander pitch a week ago.

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