Monday, August 8, 2011

Ejections: Hunter Wendelstedt (3, 4)

HP Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt ejected Braves Manager Fredi Gonzalez for arguing a ball call in the bottom of the 4th inning and Braves first basemen Freddie Freeman for arguing a swinging strike three call in the top of the 8th inning of the Braves-Marlins game. Prior to the Gonzalez ejection, with none out and none on, Marlins batter Bryan Petersen took a 1-2 sinker from Braves pitcher Derek Lowe for a called ball two. Replays indicate the pitch was located thigh high and caught the inner corner of the plate, the call was incorrect.* Prior to the Freeman ejection, with two out and none on, Freeman struck out swinging on a 2-2 slider from Marlins pitcher Steve Cishek. Replays indicate that Freeman did make an attempt to swing the bat, the call was correct.^ At the time of the Gonzalez ejection, the Braves were leading, 4-2. At the time of the Freeman ejection, the Braves were leading, 8-2. The Braves ultimately won the contest, 8-5.

These are Hunter Wendelstedt (21)'s third and fourth ejections of 2011.
Hunter Wendelstedt now has 11 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (9 Previous + 2 MLB + -4 Incorrect Call + 2 MLB + 2 Correct Call = 11).
Hunter Wendelstedt is owned as a Primary Umpire by tt49, who is now tied for 12th place in the UEFL with 15 points.
Hunter Wendelstedt is owned as a Secondary Umpire by kickersrule, who is now in 3rd place in the UEFL with 24 points.
*Quality of Correctness was challenged and confirmed ("Incorrect" ==> "Incorrect"). This pitch carries a px value of 0.846, which falls under the "always a strike" category of the UEFL's Kulpa Rule (Rule 6.b.ii.a.).
^Quality of Correctness was challenged and confirmed ("Correct" ==> "Correct").

These are the 149th and 150th ejections of 2011.
This is the 70th Manager ejection of 2011.
This is the 72nd player ejection of 2011.
This is Fredi Gonzalez's third ejection of 2011.
This is Freddie Freeman's first career ejection.
Prior to his ejection, Freeman was 2-4 in the contest.

Wrap: Braves at Marlins 8/8/11
Video (1): Gonzalez is Ejected
Video (2): Freeman is ejected after throwing helmet, bat

Pitch f/x courtesy Brooks Baseball


Anonymous said...

No doubt we have all heard of the "Sports Illustrated Jinx". Is this an instance of the "UEFL Jinx", with today's feature item on Hunter?

Anonymous said...

Hunter just tossed Freddie Freeman, too

Anonymous said...

Gets better & better. But to be fair to Hunter, I'll go ahead and ask for the Kulpa rule to be applied to Gonzalez' ejection. Challenge?

Anonymous said...

Hunter obviously felt showed up, but wow. Freeman was in the process of tossing the bat when Hunter warned him *AND* walking away. Thus he did not visibly see the warning, nor had to time to react to the verbal sound of it. That makes the ejection ridiculous in my eyes. The strike three call was correct, though.

Anonymous said...

Gonzalez deserved to get bumped, but wendelstedt missed the call. You can clearly hear him saying "are you kidding me? That ball was this far ( holds hands apart) inside."

tmac said...

ON the Freddy Gonzalez EJ: Like anon said 9:18 pm... Well said..

Hunter is out of line... He looks like he was squeezed by the catcher so i can understand the missed call BUT you can't hold your hands apart 6-8 inches and say it's this far inside when the ball is on the corner. There is no doubt he lost the late tail of the pitch b/c he was on the outside shoulder of the catcher.. plain and simple... not his fault.

Sports South did a great split screen on the two going back and forth from the field and the dugout WITH AUDIO. there was no cursing it was pretty cool.

Here is the Gonzalez EJ

Cricket said...

Until I checked the f/x after the game, I thought Hunter had gotten the ball call correct...Fredi had no valid reason to get tossed there. Stupid on his part.

As for Freeman...what do you expect? You don't express disagreement with the umpire, then flip your bat and helmet, especially after you obviously attempted to strike the ball.

tmac said...

Freeman ejection here...

I know there are a lot of Hunter Defenders on this site... and I've beaten the horse to death on how every check swing other then one this season the umpire is ruled correct on this site BUT that is a VERY weak EJ... Walking away didn't say anything... throwing helmet (not violently) and bat toward dug out. YIKES!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Drake called for this ejection. Let me explain. By comparison, Rob Drake's ejection for flipping the bat looks much better. Drake's ejection looks completely merited, when you view his and Wendelstedt's together in sequence.

Again (until they shut it off unfortunately), the Florida Marlins' Dolphin Stadium park is a great place to listen to field mics.

Lindsay said...

(Pointing out the QOC Quick Vote feature doesn't especially work that well when you have multiple ejections over multiple calls)

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait... wouldn't this same pitch, called as a strike, be deemed correct under the Kerpa rule?

Lindsay said...

This ruling has been challenged.

After review, Quality of Correctness has been confirmed. The first call is now incorrect; the second call is now correct.

After review, including examination of the real-time play, replays, and alternate angles, the decision of confirming the original Quality of Correctness was made in the case of both ejections. In the case of the first (Manager's) ejection, the Kulpa Rule (UEFL Rule 6.b.ii.a) was applied. The corresponding px value for the pitch in question was 0.846. 0.846 falls under the "always a strike" category of horizontal ball/strike calculation; therefore, the first call was incorrect. In the case of the second (player's) ejection, using the angles available, replays confirm the batter attempted to strike the pitch; the second call was correct.

Denied and Denied.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:54AM... yes... this same pitch, called a strike, would be deemed correct... which explains why this same pitch, called a ball by Wendelstedt, was deemed incorrect... Am I missing something here? Because pitch f/x calls this pitch a strike (making Hunter's ball call incorrect), so I'm not really sure what you're asking...

Zac said...

I'm with Anonymous at 12:46. Drake's ejection looks pretty good compared to this one. The guy didn't say anything else, he flipped his bat and helmet to the dugout like everyone else does all the time, and he had his back turned. Just don't think this one was justified.

tmac said...

Here's today's homework assignment: Watch every swinging strikeout to end an inning watch what they do with the helmet and bat.

Jon Terry said...

I think there is something that people are missing. Freeman didn't toss his helmet to the dugout. Watch that tape again. He pulled it with his left hand, and slung the helmet behind him toward the plate. I wish we had a wider view, but I wouldn't be surprised if the helmet bounced right next to the umpire. Hard to ignore that.

Anonymous said...

I did notice that Jon, good catch.

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