Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ejections: Gary Darling (3)

2B Umpire Gary Darling ejected Giants Manager Bruce Bochy for arguing a safe call in the bottom of the 5th inning of the Giants-Diamondbacks game. With none out and one on, Diamondbacks batter Aaron Hill swung at and missed a 0-1 changeup from Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum as Diamondbacks baserunner Gerardo Parra attempted to steal second base; Giants catcher Chris Stewart to second baseman Jeff Keppinger. Replays indicate Keppinger's glove tagged Parra's foot prior to Parra touching second base, the call was incorrect. At the time of the ejection, the Diamondbacks were leading, 3-0. The Diamondbacks ultimately won the contest, 5-2.

This is Gary Darling (37)'s third ejection of 2011.
Gary Darling now has 6 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (8 Previous + 2 MLB + -4 Incorrect Call) = 6.
Gary Darling was not drafted in 2011.

This is the 196th ejection of 2011.
This is the 96th Manager ejection of 2011.
This is Bruce Bochy's third ejection of 2011.

Wrap: Giants at Diamondbacks, 9/25/11 Wrap
Video (1): Bochy ejected by Darling (Giants broadcast)
Video (2): Bochy argues call, is thrown out (Diamondbacks broadcast)


Jack_1B Ump said...

Hm 6 points... I'd just as well say Gary is not having a great year, but with 6 points, that'd mean he had correct calls for his first and second ejections in 2011. Still, I do think Gary has had a tough year.

Anonymous said...

The Giants don't seem to like Darling much. Maybe it has something to do with this:
or maybe this:

Darling is awful.

Anonymous said...

Complete this analogy...

Joe West : White Sox :: Gary Darling : _________

Anonymous said...

other bad team-umpire relationships,
Hunter Wendlstedt:Twins
Bill Hohn:Braves

Anonymous said...

Watching Bochy run out to argue that call is comedy in and of itself.

thexfactor264 said...

don't forget about Angel

Angel Hernandez: Mets

Anonymous said...

well you can't use angel as an example, no one likes him

Anonymous said...

Chad Fairchild has had some trouble with Rays

Anonymous said...

The replay is inconclusive. A phanom tag today doesn't hold water.

Anonymous said...

The Fox XMO Replays clearly shows that the 2B touches the cleat of Parra. Tough call for Darling, he missed it, but is still a very good umpire and will be in the playoffs again.

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