Thursday, September 29, 2011

Roster: 2011 Division Series Umpires

MLB has announced the 2011 ALDS and NLDS Umpires, the first round of the 2011 MLB Playoffs.

Gerry Davis -cc (6 pts)
Tony Randazzo (9 pts)
Eric Cooper (5 pts)
Dan Iassogna (6 pts)
Ted Barrett (9 pts)
Bill Welke (13 pts)

Dale Scott -cc (5 pts)
Mark Carlson (13 pts)
Kerwin Danley (3 pts)
Greg Gibson (3 pts)
Brian Gorman (1 pt)
Marvin Hudson (15 pts)

Jerry Layne -cc (3 pts)
Chris Guccione (14 pts)
Jerry Meals (13 pts)
Angel Hernandez (17 pts)
Gary Cederstrom (1 pt)
Chad Fairchild* (8 pts)

Joe West -cc (15 pts)
Ron Kulpa (9 pts)
Alfonso Marquez (17 pts)
Bruce Dreckman (1 pt)
Jeff Kellogg (1 pt)
James Hoye* (5 pts)

-cc denotes Crew Chief, * denotes first Post-season assignment. Per UEFL Rule 4.c.i, all umpires selected to appear in the Division Series shall receive one bonus point for this appearance; crew chiefs shall receive one additional bonus point for this role (two points total).

News: MLB Releases First Round Playoffs Umpiring List, Announces Division Series Umpires

The UEFL Standings have been updated:

1. kickersrule (West/Wendelstedt) - 38
2. sachmet (West/Bellino) - 33
3. tt49 (Wendelstedt/Guccione) - 32
3. mtn335 (West/Hudson) - 32
5. yawetag (Hernandez/Joyce) - 30
6. cyclone14 (Wegner/Johnson) - 28
6. BONZ_kansascity (West/Hernandez) - 28
8. RichMSN (West/Emmel) - 26
9. BSBALLUMP (Rapuano/Drake) - 25
10. BGMTOM (Davidson/Reynolds) - 22
10. DanNJ316 (West/Kulpa) - 22


Anonymous said...

Highly agree with Iassogna, Barrett, Scott, Gibson, Hernandez, Cederstrom, West, Marquez, and Kellogg!

Oh... and JERRY LAYNE for putting up with the rest of his crew for the year!!!

Anonymous said...

No Hunter Wendelstedt :-)

Janet said...

@12:55PM, don't hold your breath, they haven't released the ALCS lineups yet.

Anonymous said...

Umpiring will be a factor in the Phillies-Cardinals series: Layne, Meals, and Hernandez on the same crew?! Oh my.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine if the Braves had won the NL Wildcard, after Meals' late inning call earlier this year....

Dan said...

Why is Gerry Davis the only crew chief on his crew? Every other crew has two crew chiefs.

There are a few guys that got picked that I personally wouldn't have picked, but it's a good group for the most part.

Congrats to James Hoye and Chad Fairchild on making their first postseason.

clement30 said...

Overall a good call by MLB here. A few notables missing that I would like to see--Tim Timmons being one of them...but overall a good job. However I came up with a list of missing umpires that I would have expected were sure things for playoffs, but I have 15 names, and MLB has 12 spots left.
Here are the 15 that the LCS Crews will probably be picked from: I starred who I think will be sure things:

Tim Welke **
Jim Wolf **
Derryl Cousins **
Dana DeMuth **
John Hirschbeck **
Wally Bell
Laz Diaz
Mike Winters
Mike Everitt **
Tom Hallion
Ed Rapuano
Brian O'Nora (who is likely out due to injury)
Jeff Nelson **
Feldin Culbreth
Tim McClelland

But who else gets lifted?
I also revised my World Series Pick based off the DS Crews:
World Series Revised Predictions:
Crew Chief: Joe West
Umpire 2: Mark Carlson
Umpire 3: Tony Randazzo
Umpire 4: Dan Iasoggna
Umpire 5: Gary Cederstrom
Umpire 6: Jerry Layne
Umps 1-6 really deserve this.

Also: my thoughts on the DS Crews:

Gerry Davis -cc Solid selection, always holds up whatever series he has...which is why he is the only crew without two cc's
Tony Randazzo Solid pick, very deserving, has really toned it down
Eric Cooper Great selection again...his whole crew is very deserving
Dan Iassogna Future Crew Chief, Great umpire, Very enthusiastic, don't think he's behind the plate for Game 4 for no reason
Ted Barrett He is the reason they don't need another crew chief. Picture of professionalism.
Bill Welke Very deserving after helping Nelson run Tschida crew from majority of year.

Dale Scott -cc Very solid pick, any of his crew members are always usually solid picks.
Mark Carlson Another solid year goes unnoticed by many, but not by MLB this time around.
Kerwin Danley Always makes the playoffs, and always solid when he does.
Greg Gibson As much as I have complained about him in the past, great young umpire.
Brian Gorman Kept his crew quiet this year, great umpire, no doubt selection
Marvin Hudson Very deserving, very hard working

Jerry Layne -cc This is Jerry's pay for working with his crew...ASG assignment, DS CC, World Series next?
Chris Guccione Has shown he should have been called up much earlier than he was
Jerry Meals Very solid umpire...but makes things interesting
Angel Hernandez Angel wasn't even noticed after crew switch. After that public embarrassment, MLB owed him this one.
Gary Cederstrom Runs great crew, great umpire, always gets the calls right...WS destined.
Chad Fairchild* Under Joe West, became very strong umpire this year and deserves this spot

Joe West -cc Like or hate him, still the best crew chief in the MLB
Ron Kulpa Very quiet year, deserves this very much.
Alfonso Marquez Coming off the UEFL "Most Declining Award" he has turned it around
Bruce Dreckman Very solid on Darling crew...acting as CC at times
Jeff Kellogg One of the best umpires in the MLB. He nails it every time
James Hoye* Very good year under Tom Hallion, deserves this (as does his crew chief, who I hope to see in CS).

Hope to see good work from the men in blue in the upcoming Division Series!

Dan said...

I guess Tim Tschida is not eligible to work the postseason, because he missed too many games? I know Jim Joyce and Mark Wegner are out with injuries. Hope to see them both back 100% next year. Who else is ineligible?

Clement30: Great rundown on all of the postseason crews...but Joe West the best crew chief in MLB?

Personally, I don't think Joe deserves all of the crap he gets, and I think he's much better than people give him credit for. But I wouldn't consider him the best CC in baseball.

I'd put guys like Tim Tschida, Tim Welke, Gerry Davis, Dana DeMuth, John Hirschbeck, Tim McClelland, and probably some others ahead of him. But it's all a matter of personal opinion. Might make a good poll question actually.

Anonymous said...

ALCS Prediction:

Tim Welke
Jim Wolf
Larry Vanover
Fieldin Culbreth
Laz Diaz
Ed Rapuano


Dana Demuth
Brian Runge
Mike Everitt
Jeff Nelson
Wally Bell
Tom Hallion

World Series:

Dale Scott
Eric Cooper
Bruce Dreckman
Kerwin Danley
Brian Gorman
Gary Cederstrom

It was a really tough call for the LCs. There are so many umpires who deserve a spot that I just couldn't include. Some of them are John Hirshbeck, Mike Winters, Tim McClelland, Derryl Cousins, Ed Hickox, Jim Reynolds, CB Bucknor, Brian O'Nora (injured), Bill Miller, San Holbrook, Tim Timmons. I heavily considered all those guys but IMO, it just wasn't in the bag. I want to know what you guys think though.

Anonymous said...

@Dan, Paul Emmel, Paul Nauert, Paul Schreiber and Lance Barksdale are for sure ineligible while John Hirschbeck might be. He missed about a month but I don't know if that is more than the time acceptable to work the playoffs. I think Brian O'Nora will be out for the playoffs. About 2 weeks ago he was hit by a pitched ball on his ankle and hit the floor right away. He left the game right away barely able to walk and missed the rest of the season. It's a shame if he won't work the playoffs because IMO he is one of the best umpires in the MLB

BrooklynUmp said...

Why has Andy Fletcher never been chosen for a playoff series?

Anonymous said...

Interesting notes:

Brian O'Nora probably has the most games worked without a World Series.

Gary Cederstrom has never been behind the plate in a World Series.

Anonymous said...

It's Mark Carlson not Dale Scott behind the plate in game 1 in Texas

Anonymous said...

I always thought the CC's had the dish in game 1 (there was maybe one exception last year)...but in neither of the first 2 this year?? Anyone know of any reason for that?

Anonymous said...

CCs will work the plate in the 7 game series for game 1 and game 7. But now in the 5 game series, they are going to have the CC work the plate in game 3. Still guarantees they work the plate, but game 3 can often be a higher pressure game than game 1.

Anonymous said...

Dan said...

Clement30: Great rundown on all of the postseason crews...but Joe West the best crew chief in MLB?

Personally, I don't think Joe deserves all of the crap he gets, and I think he's much better than people give him credit for. But I wouldn't consider him the best CC in baseball.

However, the 5% in the SI poll know a heck of a lot more than the 41%. Just cause he will not put up with and listen to a bunch of premadonna crying babies does not mean he cannot umpire, and the 41% expect him to put up with that and when he doesn't they give him the bad rating. The 5% may not like it that he will not put up with a bunch of junk either, but they know he can umpire and vote accordingly when asked the question.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Joe him or not, it was the opinion of many instructors at his umpire school that he could have gone to the major leagues right out of school. He does have an outstanding reputation among younger umpires to be there when needed.

Anonymous said...

I think Alfonso Marquez gets the nod over Mark Carlson for a World Series Assignment.

Anonymous said...

What a shame to hear about O'Nora's injury. I was hoping he would get his first Series assignment this year. My Series guess for first timers would be the guys assigned to work game 4 of the divisionals, Gibson, Dreckman, Iassogna and Hernandez. Since Angel has already worked I'm going with Gibson (because of his Harry's school connection to Marsh, Rieker, Reliford and Jones) and Iassogna. I've got Dreckman out after Giant's Fontenot ran into his back in the middle of the infield late in the year. Surprised not to see Miller working after his performance last year in the Divisional's and Series. I think they moved him to the 2 man this season too. Hallion and Darling had great years too and hopefully we will see them in the next round.

Anonymous said...

After watching Dan Iassogna tonight so far in the Yankees/Tigers Game 4.....I will be disappointed if he does not get the WS nod this year. He has been solid all night long.

Anonymous said...

Prediction for WS 2011

Dale Scott CC
Dan Iassogna
Eric Cooper
Alfonso Marquez
Jerry Meals
Gary Cederstrom

Anonymous said...

I am replacing Meals with Ted Barrett on the WS crew prediction

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