Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Awards: 2011 Fill-In Umpire of the Year: Alan Porter

2011 UEFL Awards: Fill-In Umpire of the Year: Alan Porter (64)

Alan Porter is the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's 2011 fill-in (AAA) umpire of the year. In his second Major League Baseball fill-in umpiring season, Porter finished 2011 with two ejections, including his first career ejection. Porter's first career regular season MLB ejection occurred on June 12, when he ejected Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel for arguing a correctly called third strike.

Porter's second ejection was of Tigers Manager Jim Leyland, for arguing a correct out call at third base. The call was so close, it was originally ruled incorrect by the UEFL, deferred to inconclusive, and eventually overturned to correct. Porter accordingly finished 2011 with 100% accuracy.

Porter was praised by UEFL'ers for a consistent "calm, collected and professional job." Porter's on-field conduct has impressed many UEFL'ers  who hope that "Porter sticks around for many years to come." A litmus test for fill-in umpires, several commenters have expressed their opinion that "he looks like he belongs."

As commenter Bugs noted regarding the Leyland ejection, "The entire argument lasted less than 40 secs. No doubt due to the way Porter handled himself. This guy has obviously had some good training. Outstanding job in my opinion."

Alan Porter now has 12 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (10 Previous + 2 Award = 12).
The next postseason award, Ejection(s) of the Year, will be released tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good for Alan. Young Al Porter is a great call-up and should be back next year to fill-in as well. Hopefully after a few more AAA vacation fill-in seasons in the big leagues, he will get offered a full time MLB contract

Anonymous said...

Porter, okay. I had John Tumpane, I like the way he handled himself this year, ejections or not. But I think Porter had a great year too. They were my top two choices. Estabrook was still in the running, but Angel Campos is one guy who has sort of fallen off my radar unfortunately. But the recepient of this award is deserving even if he wasn't my choice.

Anonymous said...

This is who I would have voted for. Very professional, goes about his business the right way. I agree that Estabrook what have been the front-runner early on but Porter just impressed me every time I watched him. Tumpane was high on most list as well but I think he regressed a little this year, hopefully he can get it back next year.

Anonymous said...

Porter's a good egg. He's a good young up and coming umpire. Alan Porter has a consistent strike zone, al ways seems to do a good job, call a good game, solid. I like this choice.

Anonymous said...

He has the best Name ever !

Alan Porter

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