Monday, April 30, 2012

UEFL Strike Three - Ear Training Challenge Results

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's Strike Three Call - Ear Training Challenge has now concluded. 13 UEFL'ers decided to take on the challenge, which proved to be a difficult test of getting to know an umpire by sound and vocal mechanics alone. To listen to the challenge, click here for the audio prompts.

Here are the results of the Challenge:
Total Possible Points: 11 / Average Score: 2.08 / Median: 2
Participants: 13
Strike 3 Call - Ear Training Challenge MVP: BONZ_kansascity (5 points)
Most Commonly Correct Responses: Jim Joyce (12), Tom Hallion (9)
Also Guessed: Fieldin Culbreth (3), Tim Timmons (2), Jerry Meals (1)
Unidentfied: Alfonso Marquez, Mark Wegner, Brian O'Nora, Jeff Kellogg, Al Clark

Answer Key, Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's Strike Three Call - Ear Training Challenge:
1) Jim Joyce. 12 recognized Joyce's booming and distinctive strike three call
2) Alfonso Marquez. His short vocalization went unidentified by all participants.
3) Jerry Meals. Only BONZ_kansascity identified Meals' verbalization of "strike" during his punch-outs.
4) Mark Wegner. His spoken and clear annunciation of "strike" was not picked up.
5) Brian O'Nora. O'Nora's high-pitched call also eluded recognition.
6) Tom Hallion. Hallion's loud and trademark strike three call sounds just as powerful as his physical mechanic.
7) Fieldin Culbreth. Cubby's single-syllabic strike three call was identified by three UEFL'ers.
8) Jeff Kellogg. The part-time security tackler's call that sounds more like "strike four" than three went undetected.
9) Tim Timmons. Similar to his ordinary strike call, Timmons' strike three call was picked up by two UEFL'ers.
10) Al Clark. A bonus question and with good reason as Clark is the only retired umpire featured. Several misidentified this call as Greg Gibson's, and while both Clark and Gibson roll pitch modulations in the middle of their calls, Clark's vocalization spans a smaller range and is less pronounced than Gibson's.

UEFL Standings Update
1) 14 points: cyclone14
2) 7 points: TheGunsofHochuli, millerump18
4) 6 points: Longballs, BillMueller, Turducken, RichMSN
8) 5 points: MSNUMP, BC_UMP, nkcaump, KTurner14, BONZ_kansascity


RichMSN said...

A shame I didn't have the conviction to choose Clark. I remember an NPR piece from over a decade ago where they continually played the sound of his strike call in the background. I thought: This sounds like Al Clark from that story -- but then figured that they'd only use current umpires.

Anonymous said...

Tough, but now that I have the names, it makes sense. I can see it

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