Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Umpire Odds & Ends: Weaver's No Hitter

Baseball and the UEFL saw the second no-hitter of the season Wednesday night. The no-hitter was the 274th regulation no-hitter in Major League Baseball history, courtesy of Jered Weaver's first career no-no. It comes less than two weeks after Phil Humber's perfect game. It was umpire Mark Carlson (6)'s first umpired Major League no-hitter. Weaver threw 121 pitches, but only 68 pitches were callable by Carlson, with 44 balls and 24 called strikes.
A noteworthy and close call that kept Weaver's no-hitter intact was made by 3B Umpire Angel Hernandez. In the top of the 5th inning, Twins batter Chris Parmelee hit a 2-2 Weaver fastball that sliced down the third base line. Hernandez called the slicing ball foul, which according to replays was the correct call. A still shot of the ball can be seen here, with Hernandez on the line.

Video: Weaver completes his no-hitter
Video: Weaver throws his first career no hitter, the 10th in Angels franchise history

Here is a quick look at the statistics of how Mark Carlson called Jered Weaver's no hitter:
Total Pitches: 121
Swinging Strikes: 11
Foul Balls: 24 (Including the Angel Hernandez called foul ball)
In Play, Out: 18
Callable Pitches: 68
Balls: 44
Called Strikes: 24

Correct Called Balls: 40
Incorrect Called Balls (Called balls within the strike zone): 4 (1 additional was in the borderline range; correct)
Correct Ball %: 90.9%

Correct Called Strikes: 14
Incorrect Called Strikes (Called strikes outside the strike zone): 10 (1 other was in the borderline range; correct)
Correct Strike %: <90.0%

Correct % of Called Pitches: <90.0%

Pitch f/x courtesy Brooks Baseball

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Anonymous said...

Some of those called strikes are way out in Eric Gregg land. I didn't catch the game. Was it as bad as it looks?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Not a good night for Mark Carlson. Still, congrats to Weaver.

UmpsRule said...

The real question is how many times did Weaver throw at someone's head?

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