Thursday, July 19, 2012

NBA to Consider Expanded Instant Replay Review

The NBA Board of Governors—Basketball's own Rules Committee—is meeting today in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the hopes of implementing multiple changes to the NBA Rules Book in advance of the 2012-13 basketball season.

Key items on the docket include (*asterisk indicates a Rules Change):
  • *Basket Interference: Shall the "cylinder" above the rim restriction be eliminated, akin to FIBA?
  • Flopping: Shall faking a foul be tracked via a technical foul-like points system? (No vote)
  • *Inbounds Location: Shall teams dictate post-timeout inbound locations (sideline vs. baseline)?
  • *Instant Replay, Flagrant Fouls: Shall all flagrant 1 & 2 fouls be subject to replay review?
  • *Instant Replay, Goaltending & Restricted Area: Shall replay be approved for calls in the final 2:00?
  • Lottery: Shall the league's draft lottery system be tweaked, reworked or eliminated?
In 2011, the NBA Board of Governors approved the tenths-of-a-second shot clock, expedited instant replay and substitution procedures, procedures for rescinding a timeout on overturned instant replay decisions, an additional free throw lane violation for disconcertion caused by excessive movement.

So what about you? Should basket interference be modified to conform to the FIBA standard? Does flopping deserve discipline? Should instant replay be expanded to flagrant fouls and/or goaltending/RA circle plays? How would you vote?

*Update* 7/19/12 19:10 Pacific Time: The Board has passed both instant replay proposals. Instant replay may now be used to determine all flagrant foul calls and for restricted area and goaltending calls in the final two minutes of regulation or overtime. Flopping has been referred to the competition committee, which meets in September.


Anonymous said...

It took David Stern & Co. this long to figure it out? Better late than never, I guess...

Anonymous said...

If a call of goaltending gets reversed to a non-goaltending during replay, that would be an inadvertent whistle during a loose ball, which would mean a jump ball at center court.

Anonymous said...

The NBA Sucks! Players need to learn how to play Defense and refs need to learn how to call a travel!

Anonymous said...

If you called every travel, you would have some low scoring games.

Anonymous said...

The NBA caused the traveling call by lightening up way too much in enforcement. Call the rule like it is and you don't have that problem - pro basketball changed the step limitation a few years ago, but still, you have rule book travels going uncalled. A walk's a walk.

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