Saturday, August 11, 2012

Injury: Dale Scott Hit in Chin, Leaves Nats-D'Backs Game

For the second time this week, Dale Scott's crew suffered an injury as the crew chief himself was drilled in the face mask by a foul ball during Friday's Nationals vs. Diamondbacks contest. With two out and one on in the bottom of the 4th inning, batter Miguel Montero fouled off a 93 mph Stephen Strasburg offering, the deflection striking plate umpire Scott square in the chin portion of his protective mask before both catchers—Washington's Kurt Suzuki and Arizona's Montero—checked on the injured crew chief. As third base umpire CB Bucknor retreated to the umpire's dressing room to don the plate gear and take over behind the dish, Scott received medical attention from the home club before walking off the field.
» » On Saturday, fill-in Mike Muchlinski was called up to replace Scott.

On Wednesday, crewmate Bill Miller was injured in Oakland, leading to his removal from that specific contest. Triple-A call-up umpire D.J. Reyburn had been summoned to replace Miller for the current Arizona series.

Umpiring Alignment, Nationals at Diamondbacks, 8/10/12, 1st through 4th inning
HP: Dale Scott. 1B: Dan Iassogna. 2B: D.J. Reyburn. 3B: CB Bucknor.

Umpiring Alignment, Nationals at Diamondbacks, 8/10/12, 4th inning through End of Game
HP: CB Bucknor. 1B: Dan Iassogna. 3B: D.J. Reyburn.

Umpiring Alignment, Nationals at Diamondbacks, 8/11/12, Mike Muchlinski replaces Dale Scott
HP: Dan Iassogna. 1B: D.J. Reyburn. 2B: Mike Muchlinski. 3B: CB Bucknor.

Wrap: Nationals at Diamondbacks, 8/10/12
Video: Scott hit in face by foul, likened to "getting punched by Tyson" from broadcaster Mark Grace
News: Umpire Dale Scott injured by foul tip in Phoenix (sic... or "described incorrectly")
OBR Rule 9.02(d):
No umpire may be replaced during a game unless he is injured or becomes ill.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dale. You took one heck of a shot. I hope you will get well and return soon. Best Wishes.

nwsquid said...

Anyone have a good explanation as to how they decide who replaces the injured HP umpire?

This was a U3, and Miller's was a U2 that came in.

I can see not wanting to have U1 come in since he is on the dish the following game. I would also think you wouldn't want U3 since he just had the dish.

Anyone with thoughts or information inside or otherwise?


BAMF said...

Probably because Reyburn just joined the crew.

chris said...

i think you would want the second base umpire to take over, since he didn't have the plate the day b/f and won't have it the day after,

but, my thoughts are with dale scott,
i was watching the game, very scary moment, hope he's ok and back umpiring soon,

wwjd said...

Actually to me time logical move is for u1 to put on the gear as he works.have it the next game and than who ever the replacement is works the plate the next game

Anonymous said...

Reyburn was fresh off a PCL game in Salt Lake, so who knows if his plate gear even made it to Arizona in time.

Mundane said...

Any one see Cuzzi wide awake call on Hunter Pence pop in last of 7th in SF on Saturday. Pence hits high pop up in vicinity of 3B, Rockies 3B loses ball in sun and it hits untouched in infield ahd rolls foul before 3B. Cuzzi's call fair ball.

Fortunately for Cuzzi, the HP umpire Greg Gibson was paying attention to the game and got Cuzzi to change his ruling

Russ said...

That is strange because Muchlinski was in for Emmel in Houston Yesterday. Not a huge travel, but I thought they would have a veteran join the Crew to be the Crew Chief. I actually think Iassogna is the acting CC and not Bucknor. If it goes by Playoff record like I think it might than Iassogna would have the edge. O'Nora was considered the CC over Vanover even though he had 4 less years of experience and I think it was because he had more Playoff experience. Same would be true with Iassogna here. Either way it scares me. Iassogna has been one of the better Umpires in the last couple of years but is having a really rough season thus far. I will give Iassogna credit for the job he did during the Brett Lawrie-Bill Miller incident. He did a nice job breaking that argument up.

Bryan Zegers said...

CCS IF this is true than we missed an ejection that happened hours ago, did Gary Darling eject Carlos Gomez????????????

I can't find video wow i didn't the video?

Bryan Zegers said...

"But Carlos Gomez, who entered the series on a hot streak but is 0-for-8 against the Astros, was called out on strikes by home-plate umpire Gary Darling on a close 2-and-2 pitch from Mickey Storey."

"Gomez disagreed with the call and was ejected."

Darling might of ejected during a commercial, damn that might hurt our chances at looking at a replay, Im crossing my fingers.

Bryan Zegers said...

Game Notes

Umpires Home Plate - Gary Darling, First Base - David Rackley in for Paul Emmel, Second Base - Scott Barry, Third Base - Jerry Meals

Russ said...

Bryan, I think 1 comment will suffice in letting the commissioners know the ejection happened. I have sent in an ejection report, I am sure they are just busy right now. There will probably not be a video made of this ejection as it did happen during a commercial brake. Hopefully, Gil or Jeremy can create a UEFL video of this ejection because it was pretty funny. Gomez struck out looking to end the inning on a really good pitch that was a strike (I checked on pitch fx and it was obviously a strike). Gomez continued to bark until he got to the dugout. Darling heard enough and tossed him. The funny part is he was holding his mask in his right hand (I thought it was always supposed to be held in the left hand)and as he gave the ejection signal towards Gomez, he threw his mask almost all the way to the backstop. Darling has now had two funny and embarrassing moments during ejections. Obviously the Bobby V gum incident and now this.

Russ said...

On another note, when was the last time Darling had an ejection over balls and strikes. He will usually have a few ejections per year but they never seem to be over his strike zone. And I am talking about ball/strike calls not check swings because I know he threw out Rich Dauer on a check swing call. People on this board have been very critical of Darling on this board mostly for laziness and being a bad CC. But have you ever wondered why he always works the Playoffs. It is because his strike zone is among the best in the league. That is also why he very rarely has ejections over his strike zone, because it is usually pretty darn good.

Russ said...

Update: Scott and Miller are still missing which is not surprising to me. The crew moved from Arizona to Colorado and now they have a random mix of people. The set-up Today was HP-CB Bucknor 1B-Wally Bell 2B-Cory Blaser 3B-Mike Dimuro. Three guys from three different crews and a call-up. Not sure where Iassogna went but now he is missing also. Looks like Bell is the acting CC for this series.

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